Little Alchemy 2 – Achieving immortality

Little Alchemy 2 - Achieving immortality

Simple yet fun from the palm of your hand – on the surface, Little Alchemy 2 is a sequel to the highly popular game of the same name, with a significant addition of extra quirks and more combinations spanning 720 possible permutations. Aided by a simple user interface, you set out to fiddle with the transmutation of elements on a purple background as your cauldron and find unexpected combinations that lead to a Final Item. In this guide, we will reveal the secret of getting Immortality.

The Braincracker now back with a sequel

Not deviating from the original format of its predecessor, the game offers a kind of enjoyment that lies in the various combinations that are either straightforward or completely asinine. Take, for instance, one element of water adding up to eventually give you an ocean, or figurative objects such as a firewall. Those are certainly a no-brainer. On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have bizarre things such as adjectives – case in point, there’s “Big”, with an even more bizarre recipe to boot. One indisputable change however will be the visuals of some elements, which are much slicker. Now, Immortality is a familiar term that falls within the “abstract” category.

Before the trek up Immortality’s stairway, do stop by and touch some grass and tree for rejuvenation.

Buy your way to Immortality

You can buy immortality in Little Alchemy 2

To answer the age-long question – after cracking our heads against various combinations, including the combination of mercury with other materials as told in the tale of Qin Shi Huang’s quest to craft Immortality – the cat is out of the bag: there is no way to craft Immortality yet and the only method of acquisition is the purchase of the Myths & Monsters pack retailing at $2.99 ​​(not including any surcharge or taxes). To rub salt into the wound, the content pack is only exclusive to Android and iOS. Though, with that said, part of us wishes we could buy immortality in real life so we get to do what we love for eternity.

Egyptian items and signs

According to the official website

What now with Immortality?

As one of the fundamental elements, magic happens when you forge Immortality with a selected sampling of elements to wield some very interesting spawns. Vested with divine powers, you can mix and match elements with Immortality to call forth entities straight out of myths and folklore. Armed with a penchant for all mythical and historical stuff, here are some of the crazy entities you can acquire, catering to all tastes.

With Immortality being the cornerstone of all Egyptian-related deities or tales, this content pack does well to draw out Egypt’s cryptic charm as Immortality can be used to craft a few divine entities.

Egyptian tree of items in Little Alchemy 2
  • Ankh, the embodiment of immortality itself = Immortality + Mummy
  • Baast = Immortality + Cat
  • Taweret = Immortality + Hippo
  • Book of The Dead = Immortality + book. However, true to its divine scriptures, you can combine Baast or Tawaret to form it.

While there isn’t a lot of discovery to be made for other mythologies with Immortality, there are some ingenious recipes for aficionados:

  • Eastern mythology = Sun Wukong can be crafted by combining Immortality and Monkey. Sadly, merging immortality and stone does not summon him, taking into account his lore of being born out of a stone.
  • Greek mythology = The invincible Trojan War Hero, Achilles, is crafted by combining Immortality with either Warrior or a Hero.
  • Nordic mythology = The eternal tree of life, Yggdrasil, is conceptualized by combining tree and immortality.
  • Mixed origins = Ouroboros fits comfortably in this category and can be crafted by mixing immortality with either snake or dragon. With its ties to Greek history, Jormungandr is a fancier element to acquire Ouroboros.

Likewise, Immortality also forms a key ingredient for many mythical objects:

  • Holy Grail is essentially a combination of Immortality brewed in a cup.
  • Philosopher’s Stone can be crafted by, well, fusing either a rock or stone with Immortality. Though, as it’s often associated with alchemy, there’s a third alternative of using alchemist together with Immortality. It can then be further used in many other recipes, including the formation of the Elixir of Life.
  • Fountain of Youth is as clear-cut as it sounds, imbuing Immortality into a fountain.
  • Peach of Immortality representing Eastern mythology is crafted by giving the fruit a taste of Immortality.

You will be in for a thrill at the copious amount of mythological characters the pack entails, whose discovery method does not involve slapping an Immortality element on everything. After all, sets such as Lovecraft monsters do not often revolve around the concept of Immortality. That will be a topic for another day!

While there are currently no plans to implement the element of Immortality in the base game, we do hope that there are still ways to acquire it as an easter egg in the future. For its merits, it is worth splurging a few bucks to support the developer’s creative efforts.

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