Lost in Play, the award-winning adventure game, is coming to Android and iOS next week

Lost in Play, the award-winning adventure game, is coming to Android and iOS next week

Happy Juice Games has just announced a new project. It’s a mobile port of an award-winning game which is just a few days away from launch. It’s called Lost in Play and was originally available on Steam and Nintendo Switch. DICE Award’s Family Game of the Year nominee and winner of multiple other prizes, Lost in Play will release on Android and iOS next week.

Lost in Play takes players on a quirky, yet magical adventure in the imaginative world of two siblings. Toto and Gal, a pair of creative minds find themselves traveling between reality and fantasy as they embark on a puzzle-filled journey in order to return home. It evokes a certain sense of nostalgia, around the time of carefree days when we just did silly things with friends

The game’s world is quite bizarre, with a dreamlike feel, something that definitely sounds like childhood imagination. The brother-sister duo must make their way through all of this while solving mysteries, and unique puzzles, and taking part in minigames.


There are so many different things to witness in Lost in Play as the siblings meet a horned beast in an enchanted forest, spark a rebellion in the goblin village, and help a group of frogs to remove the sword from the stone. What make begin as a typical walk in the park, will suddenly turn into the excavation of old ruins. It’s truly a rollercoaster of a point-and-click adventure no one should miss.

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Speaking about the port, Kristoffer Nählstedt, CEO & Founder of Snapbreak Games, said: “We wanted to work with talented gaming studios in the puzzle/adventure niche, and the opportunity to publish Happy Juice’s award-winning game Lost in Play for mobile and tablet devices marks a new milestone for our company.”

Lost in Play will release on the App Store and Google Play on July 12th. Currently, interested players can pre-register for the game by clicking on their preferred link below.

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