Madtale is an idle roguelike inspired by classic fairy tales with a dark spin, coming soon yp mobile

Madtale is an idle roguelike inspired by classic fairy tales with a dark spin, coming soon yp mobile

Archosaur Games have just announced its latest project, Madtale, which is a dark fantasy idle RPG coming to Android and iOS in a couple of months. Pre-registrations will begin tomorrow, May 13th, with a planned release date of July 12th.

Madtale is a strategic roguelike title inspired by classic fairy tales, albeit with certain dark twists. Players will come up with teams of characters from these popular stories, including the likes of Cinderella and Snow White. Each of them has their own abilities and also uses weapons and other gear that amplify the experience.

It’s really only the squad creation that is the challenging part because the battle happens automatically. Just a click of a button and it’s game on. This is carried offline as well, and players will keep earning rewards even when not actively playing. All the goodies can be collected simply by hopping on later.


Heroes can be summoned from up to six caps and five professions, each offering distinctive skills and buffs. In addition to that, there is 10 secret and over 30 gear sets which take the combat experience even further through special combos. Strategically choosing the roster according to these skills is the best way to win matches.

Signing up for Madtale in advance also guarantees rewards worth nearly $199. The list includes the Epic dark fairy tale hero Mirror Queen, Epic hero Snow White and up to 1024 free summons. The minor catch is that they will be granted only after logging in for seven days once the game is out.

Pre-registrations for Madtale will open soon, while the game is set to launch on July 12th. At launch, the game will be available in English, French, German, Portuguese, Indonesian, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

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