Magic Stone Knights releases new update with more characters and costumes

Magic Stone Knights releases new update with more characters and costumes

Neowiz has just released an exciting new update for its recently launched title, Magic Stone Knights. The mobile match-3 puzzler sees the addition of three new characters, Advent Celia, Themis, and Kaede, alongside a number of new costumes and gameplay improvements.

Let’s kick off this Magic Stone Knights update with the most anticipated feature – the new six-star character. Advent Celia ‘The Wicked’ joins the game as an Advent Boss, who is quite a formidable fighter. The only way to unlock her full power is to clear the challenge that awaits players. Celia makes a great inclusion to the game as she aims to shake up pre-existing strategies.

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Accompanying Advent Celia is the beginner, Themis. The five-star hero joins North America for the first time, bringing her distinctive Western aesthetics to the title. On top of that, players can also add Kaede to their squad, who’s different from Themis thanks to her oriental design. The European knight, Themis, and Kaede make quite a dynamic duo comprising the best aspects of the East and the West.

Meanwhile, the update also improves on the in-game customization and personalization experiences. This patch will add three new costumes, all inspired by sports. Players can hit a home run with the Baseball Team Alche, embrace the cold with the Miracle on Ice Themis, or get ready to throw some punches using the Wrestling Champion Arwen. These new costumes really up Magic Stone Knights’ visual appeal.

To top it off, players will also find a number of quality-of-life improvements alongside the highly awaited shop reset feature.

Check out the new update by downloading Magic Stone Knights and clicking on your preferred link below. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. Find a community of gamers on the Facebook page, which also has all the latest developments.

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