Mahjong Soul teams up with the famous anime series Code Geass for their latest collaboration

Mahjong Soul teams up with the famous anime series Code Geass for their latest collaboration

Developer Yostar’s popular Mahjong simulation game, appropriately titled Mahjong Soul, has announced the latest of many collaborations, this time with the legendary anime series Code Geass. This crossover comes with an entirely new way to play Mahjong alongside a bunch of new characters to collect and other various prizes to spice up your Mahjong gameplay.

Mahjong Soul is probably the most successful Mahjong mobile game out there, which perhaps isn’t saying much given it’s a pretty darn niche tabletop classic, but is impressive nonetheless. When I say Mahjong simulation, you may be picturing a boring, simple sort of game, but Mahjong Soul might just blow you away.

This is due to the absurdly high production value for a game that’s about one of the oldest tabletop games out there. Utilizing an anime art style, Mahjong Soul makes every round you play feel action-packed with fully animated characters who react and respond to each play alongside some pretty darn good graphics and plenty of skins to collect to personalize your way of playing.


And now, this customization effort will only be furthered with the new crossover. Code Geass is an anime name recognized all around the world, and this event will allow you to roll on the new banner to collect and use different characters from the series, including the protagonist Lelouch himself, alongside some of the other important side characters.

With this banner, there’s also a new game mode to enjoy called Operation Fortune. This mixes up traditional Mahjong play with the introduction of tokens, which can be used to affect your victory points in different ways.

There are also plenty of ongoing events and daily missions to complete to collect points which can then be traded for different prizes. There’s even a new side story to complete that offers up lots of fanservice to fans of Code Geass!

So, whether you’re a fan of the anime or a fan of Mahjong Souls, now’s a great time to jump in and collect some new characters! Get started by downloading Mahjong Soul for free at either of the links below this article!

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