Make It Rain 2023 guide and rewards

Ffxiv Make It Rain Event Quest 2023 Guide And Rewards

The Make It Rain Event is now live until July 17 at the Gold Saucer in FFXIV. That means not only do we get an event quest, but all Manderville Gold Saucer Points are doubled for the duration of the event. It’s time to get grinding, but first, we’ve an event quest to do. Here’s the Make It Rain 2023 guide and rewards overview.

Make It Rain 2023 Start Quest

To start the event quest, you have to have completed the Main Scenario Quest ‘The Gridanian/Limsan/Ul’dahn Envoy’ depending on your starting city. With that requirement checked, pick up ‘A Golden Opportunity’ from Kipih Jakkya just outside of the Ul’dah Aetheryte at (9.4, 9.2). If you’ve seen her in previous events, you’ll even get dialogue options.

Make It Rain 2023 Start

Screenshot by PC Invasion

She explains The Raven is asked to write a piece on the Gold Saucer festivities and asks you for help. Off to the Gold Saucer!

Make your way to the Entrance and Card Square, then go across past the Welcome Sabotender to catch up with her at (5.4, 7.0). Ollier explains that to incentivize the press to write articles on the event, four Wind-up Godberts are hidden through the squares of the Gold Saucer, excluding Chocobo Square. Whoever finds the most Wind-ups interviews Godbert Manderville himself, which it seems no paper has ever done before.

When the cutscene ends, talk to Kipih again. She proposes splitting up, asking you to search Wonder Square and Round Square. The respective squares are now highlighted on your map. Aetheryte to Wonder Square West. You’ll find the Mammet right there behind the statue of Godbert in his smallclothes (hold on I’ve been playing this game for years and never noticed this exists what the-) at (6.0, 6.9).

Ffxiv Make It Rain Godbert Wind Up 1

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Next, go to the Round Square Aetheryte and go southwest from the Aetheryte. You’ll find tiny Godbert on top of a lamp post at (4.9, 5.1).

Ffxiv Make It Rain Godbert Wind Up 2

Screenshot by PC Invasion

After you collect him, Aetheryte back to Entrance Square and return to the same spot to complete the quest.

The tour and Make It Rain 2023 Rewards guide

Pick up ‘Hearts of Gold’ from Ollier and watch the cutscene. You follow Godbert on a tour in cutscenes where he gives new Gold Saucer lore. Just know you can only pick each option once, so pay attention. You can skip the rest of them after one area if you so wish, or you can exit cutscene and come back as well.

Make It Rain 2023 Guide and Rewards Godbert

Screenshot by PC Invasion

When the tour is done, head southwest to (5.4, 7.0) to speak to Ollier and complete the quest. You’ll get your Wind-up Godbert and the achievement ‘Everything Gold Can Stay.’

Ffxiv Make It Rain Godbert Wind Up

Screenshot by PC Invasion

The tiny Godbert is now yours to follow you around! But wait, doesn’t every minion have an anima-

Ffxiv Make It Rain Godbert Wind Up Animation

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Oh dear.

The minion is the only truly unique Make It Rain 2023 reward you get. The Campaign Attendant NPC only gives rewards you can already get from the normal Gold Saucer Attendant, but at a discounted price, which is a nice touch. No, the real event lies in grinding out the MGP for rewards. May it treat you kindly.

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