Marvel Snap announces new competitive-focused game mode due out later this year

Marvel Snap announces new competitive-focused game mode due out later this year

The extremely popular casual-friendly card game Marvel Snap has revealed the latest addition to the game in the form of a brand new game mode that is looking to be a bit more competitive. Entitled Conquest, this new game mode will bring what could be compared to other card game’s ranked modes to Marvel Snap in an attempt to make the game a little more hardcore for players who are looking for that thrill.

Marvel Snap has seen a lot of success since it launched late last year, with its casual friendly mechanics that don’t ask too much of the player when compared to something like Legends of Runeterra or Hearthstone. The game is focused on the concept of Locations, and playing heroes with different effects to each one until someone beats the other in score.


While it isn’t terribly complex, the game has allowed players to make a lot of creative decks that synergize in interesting ways, so there’s always been a little bit of room for experimentation and more in-depth plays. However, with the addition of Conquest, the game is seeking to really appeal to that hardcore audience and offer up a way to experience the deep depths of the game for masters of deck building.

Conquest operates the same as the basic game mode in terms of actual mechanics, but before each match, you’ll have to opt-in and sign up for Conquest Matches. If you go on a win streak from there, you’ll be able to grab yourself some currency that can then be used to apply to play higher-tier matches.

This of course means that you’ll also be matched against other players who are trying their hardest to win, so it operates as a sort of ranked mode for Marvel Snap, which is great news for those players who felt the game was lacking in stakes .

If that sounds good to you, then you can get a head start on Conquest Mode by downloading Marvel Snap for free at either of the links below! Conquest Mode only has a light release window for later this year, but I’d be willing to bet it’ll be out pretty soon given how the mechanics seem pretty worked out. In the meantime, build that deck and get ready for the big leagues!

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