Marvel Snap launches Guardians Greatest Hits season to celebrate the arrival of the MCU’s next movie

Marvel Snap launches Guardians Greatest Hits season to celebrate the arrival of the MCU's next movie

With Marvel Studio’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 being just a day away from launch, Nuverse has decided to join the celebrations with a perfectly timed season on their mobile hit CCG, Marvel Snap. Titled Guardians Greatest Hits, the new update will focus on this ragtag group of heroes who find themselves rescuing the universe on multiple occasions.

At the forefront of the Guardians Greatest Hits season in Marvel Snap is the villain-turned-hero, Nebula. Thanos’ adoptive daughter spearheads the new battle pass alongside variants for Star-Lord, Gamora, and other members of the crew. Regarding Nebula’s skill, players get +2 Power every time their opponent doesn’t play a card.

There are a bunch of new Series 5 drops as well. Hit-Monkey from last season just got added a few days ago and the latest cards will be available every Tuesday until the end of the month. Here’s a look at what’s coming players’ way:

  • Iron Lad (May 9th) – Copy the text of the deck’s top card on reveal
  • Howard the Duck (May 16th) – Allows players to see the top card of their deck by tapping it
  • High Evolutionary (May 23rd) – Unlock potential of cards with no abilities at the start of a match
  • The Living Tribunal (May 30th) – Total Power is split evenly among all locations

Furthermore, two locations from across the multiverse become available in this update, and they naturally have something to do with the Guardians.

  • Milano – The team’s iconic ship where turn five is the only turn where cards can be played
  • Deep Space – All card text is disabled in this region

To top it off, a number of exclusive bundles will feature GOTG characters in a different light. There are variants for characters like The Collector, Groot, Rocket Racoon, and Drax as well.

Download Marvel Snap now for free by clicking on your preferred link below.

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