Marvel Strike Force is celebrating its fifth anniversary with new characters and legacy events

Marvel Strike Force is celebrating its fifth anniversary with new characters and legacy events

Scopely’s mobile superhero game, Marvel Strike Force has been around for a while now, giving players countless hours of action with their favorite superheroes. This entire month, the game will be celebrating its 5th anniversary, with a special event taking place on March 28th, the original release date.


The most awaited part of Strike Force’s 5th anniversary is the return of the beloved Legacy Events. Questlines from all the past years will make their return once again, so both new and old players can enjoy them. Here’s a look at what events are making a comeback:

  • 2018 – Character Events featuring Thanos and Rocket Raccoon
  • 2019 – Minn-Erva Event Campaign Mission: Kree Commandos
  • 2020 – Team-up events with the dynamic duo of Rocket Raccoon and Groot
  • 2021 – Kestrel Event Campaign Mission called Take Flight
  • 2022 – Gambit raid with updated character lists

In addition to this, new characters are also coming to the game. Three original characters, Kestrel, Deathpool, and Spider-Weaver are already part of the Marvel canon. Later on, a fourth, named Vahl will be joining us. They are one of the first Asgardians and keepers of Valhalla, along with being the title’s first non-binary hero. Vahl’s character will be released later this year.

2022 saw the launch of the Age of Apocalypse storyline, which introduced characters like Morgan Le Fay, Rogue, Red Hulk and Archangel as the horsemen. The epic saga will conclude with this celebration as Apocalypse makes his way to Strike Force, with his eyes on the throne at the center of the multiverse.

A ton of other surprises will keep popping up throughout the month. Marvel Strike Force has been a fan-favorite mobile game, with over one billion hours played. It’s showing no signs of losing steam and the developers are constantly updating it too.

Try it out yourself by downloading Marvel Strike Force now for free.

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