Marvelous Announces Game Showcase to Reveal Console Game Lineup; Mobile Failure Impacts Profit

Marvelous Announces Game Showcase to Reveal Console Game Lineup;  Mobile Failure Impacts Profit

Today Marvelous Entertainment announced its financial results for the full fiscal year between April 2022 and March 2023.

The company recorded 25.341 million yen in sales (98.5% compared to last year) and a rather weak 2.488 million yen in operating profit, which was 54% compared to last year, a little more than half.

For the Digital Content business, net sales were 14,138 million yen (91.7% compared to last year) and segment profit was 779 million yen, basically one-fifth of the previous year.

The mobile game Dolphin Wave by Senran Kagura developer Honey Parade Games launched in October 2022 continues to perform well, offering a sizable contribution to the company’s revenue. We also hear that sales of Story Of Seasons: A Wonderful Life were “favorable”

On the other hand, another mobile game launched in February 2023, Sakura Ignoramus, performed far below expectations and was closed only two months after its release. This prompted Marvelous to record a significant one-time loss for its development costs, and the company as a whole posted a loss of 688 million yen for Q4 of the fiscal year. The loss for the Digital Content business in Q4 was 855 million yen.

Looking at the forecast for the current fiscal year (between April 2023 and March 2024), Marvelous expects net sales to be 27,000 million yen, 106.5% compared to the results announced today. Operating profit is expected to partly recover to 3,500 million yen, 140.7% of the results revealed today.

The company expects to release the coming-of-age JRPG Loop8 in June and Fashion Dreamer later this year. For mobile games, Marvelous will focus on preserving the momentum of long-running titles like Shinobi Master: Senran Kagura New Link, on top of supporting Dolphin Wave to keep its strong performance going.

Last, but not least, the company announced the Marvelous Game Showcase 2023, which will be broadcast online around the end of May, introducing the future lineup of console games.

It’ll be interesting to see if the success of Honey Parade Games on the mobile target has taught Marvelous anything, and we’ll hear anything about a new Senran Kagura game. Considering that fans have been kept waiting almost 6 years to hear anything at all about Senran Kagura 7evenI think it’s time to at least give us some form of closure.

If you’d like to compare these results with historical data, you can check out our article dedicated to the first nine months of the fiscal year, based on data published by Marvelous in January.


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