Metal: Hellsinger Dream of the Beast DLC Features Songs by Cristina Scabbia and Will Ramos

Metal: Hellsinger Dream of the Beast DLC Features Songs by Cristina Scabbia and Will Ramos

More head-banging and gun-slinging action is heading to Metal: Hellsinger on March 29, 2023, where two new performing artists, Cristina Scabbia and Will Ramos, will be added to the playlist.

The highly-rated rhythm FPS game came in hot and left a mark on metalheads and gamers alike. Taking two worlds and blending them seamlessly together to form a sickening soundtrack to slash and bash enemies while keeping the guns interesting and plentiful. Metal: Hellsinger is getting its very first DLC later on this month, and with it comes two new songs to keep up with. The new talent headed to the game includes Cristina Scabbia, one of the lead vocalists for the gothic metal band Lacuna Coil and vocalist Will Ramos from the American deathcore band Lorna Shore. Players will be able to access these songs using the new Song Selector feature that will be dropping as a free update alongside the DLC.

Not only will there be two new songs to slay demon spawn to, but there will also be a new gun and outfits to boot. The Red Right Hand is an infernal machine gun that can blast through enemies with little effort, and the new cosmetics are sure to keep things spicey for those who enjoy modifying their in-game characters. The developers also say that with this first DLC, players will now be able to “experience Metal: Hellsinger with a completely different beat and playstyle.”

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If you’re new to the rhythmic FPS world, Metal: Hellsinger is an FPS that centers around keeping up with the beat of the song that’s playing in the background. Staying on beat means you hit harder with whatever weapon you so choose, and of course, that means creating more carnage among the demons that dwell within the underworld known as the Infernal Planes. It is up to the player to complete challenges, rock out hard, and defeat whatever demonic entities may stand in their way as they attempt to dethrone The Red Judge.


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