Mika from Genshin Impact is already getting nerfed

Mika from Genshin Impact is already getting nerfed

Mika is the newest character in Genshin Impact, released in the latter half of Version 3.5. This patch was already infamous for shipping out Dehya, primarily considered to be one of the worst characters in the game, despite her prestigious 5-star status. Mika’s release, while not as dramatic as Dehya, is still considered a relatively weak character by a good portion of the community. Despite this, the 4-star character will be receiving a nerf in the upcoming days.

Mika is a 4-star Cryo Polearm character and was added to the game with the intention of supporting Physical characters. Mika can provide a decent amount of Physical DMG bonuses to your active character and the rare ability to buff a character’s attack speed. These buffs make up the bulk of his kit, despite having some unique Normal Attack animations.

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Unfortunately, this isn’t stopping HoYoverse from handing out a nerf to Mika, despite his already present faults. According to HoYoverse, an update will ship out on March 30 that increases Mika’s Charged Attack stamina consumption by 5, increasing it from 20 to 25. This means Mika will have fewer chances to sprint and dodge attacks after using Charged Attacks.

While this isn’t the most impactful nerf, it is puzzling to wonder why Mika received a nerf at all. Although it’s true most Polearm characters have a charged attack of 25, it’s not unheard of for characters of different weapon classes to have different stamina consumptions. Keqing, for instance, has a charged attack stamina consumption of 25, rather than the usual 20 for Sword characters.

The community is still reeling from Dehya’s release, which largely painted her as a weak character. On the bright side, HoYoverse has stated this was an error on their part and will provide compensation for players after the nerf hits.

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