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Minecraft: Best desert seeds |  pocket gamer


Desert Village

Seed: 844424940132101

Source: YouTube MinionToGaming – Justin

If you are looking for an excellent spot to start surviving in Minecraft, Desert Village is one of the best places to land. Unlike other villages in the desert biome, this one is close to the cave and water, which are essential to survive in Minecraft.

One more advantage of this area is that there are a few other villages here. In the long run, you can even connect these villages to create a giant city with different villagers and resources needed for survival. Still, it requires much time and effort, which might not work for some players.



Swamp seed in MinecraftSeed: 4785074632081821

Source: YouTube MinionToGaming – Justin

Desert in Minecraft doesn’t always mean tons of sand without resources. Multiple biomes can surround the desert, and this swamp area is the perfect choice if you are looking for something like this.

Swamp seed can share everything needed for survival: water, cave, village, and wood. The area is tiny and perfectly suitable for people who like to live peacefully.

Still, such a small size might not work for those who are looking for a really big desert. This is more of a choice for players who want to enjoy a beautiful and peaceful area at the borderlands between three biomes.


Coral Reef

Coral Reef - best desert seeds in MinecraftSeed: 68001207

Source: YouTube MinionToGaming – Justin

Have you ever dreamed about living in a big mansion near the seashore? If yes, this desert seed is worth your attention. It is a cute village with tons of resources located just near the coral reef – one of the most beautiful areas in the desert biome.

Even though you won’t get spawned in the big mansion initially, there is a lot of free space here. Moreover, there is a giant jungle biome right next to this seed. You can find tons of wood and stone that might be useful while constructing a house near the Coral Reef.


Blacksmith Village

Blacksmith Village seedSeed: 6882154548428765769

Source: YouTube TheAetherGamer

If you want to have a location full of different resources and beautiful views that will please your eyes while playing Minecraft, choosing the Blacksmith Village seed is one of the best things you can do.

The first and foremost reason to choose this seed is Mangrove Swamp, located just next to the village. And if you decide to move a little further, you will find Large Mushroom Island, considered one of Minecraft’s most exciting locations. Traveling across these locations will bring you many resources to expand your house.


Desert Temple

Desert Temple seedSeed: 916215680985620122

Source: YouTube TheAetherGamer

If you want to start your survival in Minecraft with many valuable resources that can significantly help you progress, choosing the Desert Temple seed is one of the best things you can do. It is perfectly suitable not only for beginners but also for experienced players.

Here you can find Desert Temple and a village with a surface mineshaft. Just go deep inside this mineshaft, and you will find the diamond fossil with 15 free diamonds here. Also, there is Ancient City, one of Minecraft’s most beautiful areas.


Desert Heart

Desert Heart seedSeed: 55169095435288722

Source: YouTube akirby80

If you want to live in the heart of the desert and experience actual complex survival in Minecraft, the Desert Heart seed is one of the best locations you can find in Minecraft. The seed includes a fantastic desert village with tons of resources and 11 Desert Temples in different locations across the region.

While looting them might be complicated, it can be very rewarding. Also, this seed provides access to water, which means that you can fish or do other exciting stuff related to it.


Triple Island

Triple Island desert seedSeed: 6358554306654182262

Source: YouTube TheAetherGamer

Have you ever dreamed of surviving on a remote island in Minecraft? If yes, this desert biome is one of the best things you can find. It is surrounded by the ocean, and the only people you have here are a few villagers on the unique village island.

On this island, you can also find a cave and fossils, which are full of valuable ores, including diamonds. Still, there will be significant problems with resources while surviving on Triple Island. That’s why this seed is considered not too suitable for beginners.

These are the best desert seeds in Minecraft. As the Minecraft world is extensive, there are plenty of different locations you can choose from to play in the desert. And while you’re here, make sure to check out our list of the best mobile games like Minecraft.

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