Minecraft Legends: Every Mount & How to Unlock It

Minecraft Legends: Every Mount & How to Unlock It

Minecraft Legends is an open-world action-adventure game from the very popular franchise of Minecraft. It is yet another spin-off very similar to Minecraft Dungeons, but one thing that is different is you get to ride around on mounts through the game. This is not only just a fun feature in general but also helps you get around the world faster. This guide will let you know about all of the mounts you can get in Minecraft Legends and how to unlock them.

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Every Mount In Minecraft Legends

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There are a couple of different mounts that you can get throughout Minecraft Legends, and each one has various benefits as to why you should use it.

  • Horse – Has the ability to sprint for an unlimited amount of time.
  • Regal Tiger – This mount is the fastest in the game.
  • Bigbeak – It can glide around helping you move faster as well as not causing any fall damage.
  • Brilliant Beetle -This mount can climb up walls and cliffs.

Where To Find Every Mount In Minecraft Legends

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Each mount can be found in assorted locations on the Minecraft Legends map, which means you will have to go on a little adventure if you want to collect them all. Something to note is all of the maps are different in each playthrough of the game, so there isn’t a specific place within the map, instead, you’ll have to search within a certain biome to find the mount. The horse mount will automatically be given to you when you start the game. Here are the locations you can find each mount in Minecraft Legends.

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  • Regal Tiger – Dry Savanna
  • Bigbeak – Jagged Peaks
  • Brilliant Beetle –Jungle

Now you know everything you need to about the Minecraft Legends mounts, which will hopefully help you with your journey in the game.

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