MLB 9 Innings Rivals, Com2uS’ next entry in the baseball series, lands on Android and iOS

MLB 9 Innings Rivals, Com2uS' next entry in the baseball series, lands on Android and iOS

Com2uS has just announced the launch of its latest entry into the officially licensed baseball mobile game series, titled MLB 9 Innings Rivals. The title, which is now available on Android and iOS devices promises to deliver a console-like experience with breathtaking graphics and an advanced game engine.

MLB 9 Innings Rivals is the result of two decades of baseball game development, offering players a chance to build a legendary team with super popular names like Freddie Freeman and Xander Bogaerts’ S-Grade Live Cards. Players must pick from a roster of 30 teams as they enter in a tournament to demolish everyone else and be crowned world champions.

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The game features numerous both such as Leagues, Live Matches, and Ranked Slugger, all in single and multiplayer options. New players can understand gameplay through multiple growth systems such as potential and skill changes. Additionally, players are free to switch between portrait and landscape modes depending on whether they’re going for a home run or spectating from the stands.


Another cool feature to look out for is the replay system, which allows players to live every moment again as enthusiastic spectators. Mocap has ensured that in-game characters follow the movements of their real-life counterparts, creating a really immersive experience.

Discussing the latest entry in the series, Jihoon Han, Head of Game Business Group, said: “MLB 9 Innings Rivals marks the next generation of Com2uS’ official licensed MLB mobile games that feature real-life player animations and extraordinary depth and variety in gameplay. Launch is just the beginning for this brand new mobile baseball game and we aim to continue to update and expand the experience with its unique game characteristics for years to come, similar to the legacy of the MLB 9 Innings series.”

Start hitting those home runs by downloading MLB 9 Innings Rivals now by clicking on your preferred link below. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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