Most played classes in Diablo 4

Most played classes in Diablo 4

As Diablo IV draws nearer to its June release, players are already voicing their opinions on which classes are worth their precious playtime. Blizzard’s recent Dialob 4 beta statistics have revealed the two most played classes, and the Reddit community’s poll results only confirm the popularity. So, which classes are dominating Diablo IV so far?

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What are the most played classes in Diablo IV?

With over 5,000 votes on the poll, it’s no surprise that the Druid and Necromancer classes lead the charge with 1.2k and 1.1k votes, respectively. Meanwhile, the Sorceress seems to be trailing behind with a respectable 900 votes. But why are these classes capturing the hearts of so many players? Let’s find out.

1: Sorcerer

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Sorcerer’s early game progression and power are solid, so you won’t feel like a mortal for long. And when it comes to having fun, the fantastic animations and combos will make you feel like a true spell-slinging master. But where Sorcerers really shines is in build diversity. With enchantment slots creating insane combos, you can mix and match to your heart’s content. Just be prepared to put in some effort; mastering the timing and properly combining all available tools is vital to success. When it comes to mobility, the teleport skill is a godsend. And in groups, you’ll be able to freeze, stun, and vuln your enemies, making you a valuable team member.

2: Necromancer

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Step into the shoes of a Necromancer in Diablo IV, and you’ll find that the early game is all about one thing: Skellies. But with solid skills and the ability to deal free damage with Corpse Explosion, the Necromancer is far from boring. However, the Necromancer falls short when it comes to having fun and building diversity. It’s a slow class with little room for creativity, especially when leaving out minions or corpses. But, on the bright side, the Necromancer is an easy class to play, with pets that can carry the load and straightforward builds.

Regarding mobility, the Necromancer is in the same boat as the Sorcerer, with the only “mobility” skill, Blood Mist, slowing you down. But fear not because the group utility of Decrepify is robust, making you a valuable asset to any party. So, if you’re looking for a class about raising the dead and making corpses explode, the Necromancer is the way to go.

3: Druid

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Unleash your inner nature-loving, big nuke-hurling, shape-shifting Druid in Diablo IV. Don’t be discouraged by the early game’s weak sauce — without resources and low damage — because legendary synergies will turn you into a powerhouse. And with endless combos of shape-shifting and elements, build diversity is where the Druid really shines. Plus, they’re tanky, so squishiness won’t be an issue. Mobility-wise, you’re not spoiled for choice, but some builds, like the Wolf, can be fast. In groups, you’ll be a utility buff god. And for hardcore players, the Druid has more defense than a castle.

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