MOUNTAIN Makalu Max Mouse Review – Customization for the Perfect Fit

MOUNTAIN Makalu Max Mouse Review – Customization for the Perfect Fit

Finding a good mouse that offers solid control and quick command buttons is difficult for any gamer or casual computer user. From everyday struggles like sore wrists to the need for precise control in games, getting it right can be the difference between long days at work and a productive computer session. Thankfully, MOUNTAIN has created an option that is both attractively designed and uniquely customizable – the Makalu Max Mouse.

The Makalu Max has a mixture of features that aren’t expected when purchasing a mouse. From the ability to customize side attachments for improved ergonomics, to weight control for the perfect blend of smooth movement and hand feel, the Makalu has no shortage of ways to fit into your daily computer usage.

MOUNTAIN Makalu Max Mouse Key Details

  • Developer: MOUNTAIN
  • Accessory: PC Mouse
  • Ergonomic:Yes
  • RGB Capable: Yes
  • DPI: Up to 19000

Makalu Max Mouse Features Customizable Side Panels

MOUNTAIN Makalu Mouse Side Panels
Image via MOUNTAIN

One of the first things that stands out about the Makalu Max Mouse is its customizability. Not only can users set the color of their RGB pattern through software like Base Camp, but the mouse also poses magnetic side panels that can be changed out for ergonomic styles.

I tried all of the different attachments and found they each had their uses. The extra wide, rubberized thumb grip was excellent for playing fast-paced games, as it offered extra stability. The side grip with ring and pinky finger grooves also ensured good wrist posture.

However, at the end of the day, the Makalu MAX with the standard side panels was my favorite. The attachments felt like they were built for bigger hands, and sometimes my little, skinny digits just didn’t want to sit correctly on the grooves. With the standard panels, the entire unit fits perfectly to my palm, with the smooth, texturized body preventing slips or drops when working or playing games.

My absolute favorite attachments are the weight rings that can be slipped into the bottom of the mouse. There are three different weights to try, and the middleweight is perfect for me. Without them, the mouse is very light, and I like the added heft for overall use and feeling secure that I won’t accidentally fling it off my desk.

The Makalu Max utilizes both Bluetooth Wireless & USB-C

Bluetooth isn’t always the most reliable feature for gaming mice. Between lag and battery life, many are likely to opt for the wired model to save the hassle. Despite this, the Makalu Max mouse offers a competitive edge with its Bluetooth capabilities.

Utilizing 2.4 GHz RF connectivity speeds, the mouse definitely doesn’t have lag when disconnected from the PC. The movements are clean and zippy, and don’t stutter as you play games or click through spreadsheets.

Unfortunately, it does suffer the classic issue many Wireless mice struggle with when it comes to battery. Because of this, I’ve found I keep it plugged in using the USB-C cable more frequently than I have it disconnected. It’s easier, and I don’t accidentally lose power halfway through the workday.

The Makalu Max Boosts high DPI and stunning RGB

Getting the right DPI on a gaming mouse is a must-have for most invested gamers. The need for accuracy can be life or death, and because of this, I can’t recommend the Makalu Max enough for reliability. The mouse allows you to toggle your control speeds with a DPI button at the top of the device. The four settings make the adjustments easy to do both in and out of gameplay.

Additionally, the Makalu Max has one of the most vibrant RGB rings I have ever seen in a mouse. When I first powered it on, it was the first thing I noticed. After weeks of use, it is still my favorite bit about powering my PC on every day.

The saturated ring of color can also be customized. I’ve had it all shades of blue, and then purple and pink, as well as keeping the original pulsing rainbow to try out the options. They are all beautiful, and add a personalized flair to any desk setup.


The Makalu Max mouse by MOUNTAIN is a stunning, well-made, unique gaming mouse that offers more customization than most competitive options. The quality of the device mixed with the ability to adjust it to your own needs makes it a fantastic choice for gamers, pc and desktop workers, or even casual browsers wanting a fun and ergonomic mouse option.

+ Ergonomic options that are easy to trade out
+ Stunning RGB lighting in sturdy body model
+ Accurate DPI and reliable movement tracking
Ergonomic attachments are meant for bigger hands
Disclosure: Gamepur was provided a sample for review purposes.

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