MTG’s The One Ring (1 of 1 Ring) Has Been Found and Graded as a 9

MTG’s The One Ring (1 of 1 Ring) Has Been Found and Graded as a 9

Magic: The Gathering’s The Lord of the Rings crossover officially came out last week, and everyone has been desperately trying to get their hands on the crown jewel of the entire set: The One Ring, also known as the 1 of 1 Ring. Only a single card of The One Ring had been made, and it looks like someone has found it.

The person who discovered the card has shared it with the Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA), a division of card collectors. They shared a tweet earlier this morning that the person who found the card has submitted, authenticated and graded it, coming in at 9.

The One Ring Owner Could Submit it For The 2 Million Dollar Bounty

The card was shared by the PSAcard Twitter card, sharing that they have authenticated it. Many fans are jokingly pointing out that the One Ring card is being graded as “9,” which essentially means it is not in absolutely perfect condition, but it’s pretty dang close. It’s also worth noting that the PSAcard team has not shared the identity of who found it for a good reason.

Right now, there’s an active bounty available to anyone who has the card from Gremio de Dregones, a Spanish Gaming Store, who is offering 2 million euros for the card, plus to pay to fly them out and exchange the card. Supposedly, if the person who found the card does take this card store up on their offer, they could be walking away with just over 2 million dollars, which has been the primary reason for everyone trying to purchase MTG booster packs of The Lord of the Ring set.

Because we’ve only just now heard about someone finding the card, we imagine we’ll learn about the person who has it over the next few days, potentially for the next few weeks. The person who found it would likely like to remain anonymous until all deals have been completed.

For now, any Magic: The Gathering players can put down their credit cards and rest, knowing the card has been found. This was likely the most successful crossover for MTG, and we’re curious to see how the sales for this set influence future expansions and how they handle exclusive cards moving forward. Before The One Ring was priced at nearly 2 million dollars, the most expensive card had been the Black Lotus, which was priced at $615,000.

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