Naughty Dog Discusses Last of Us Multiplayer Roadmap After a No-Show at PlayStation Showcase

Naughty Dog Discusses Last of Us Multiplayer Roadmap After a No-Show at PlayStation Showcase


Find out the current status of the long-awaited title.

The PlayStation Showcase 2023 featured an overwhelming amount of announcements, from the Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater remake to Peter Parker’s venom debut in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Unfortunately, the Last of Us series was not included in this bunch, regardless of the speculations that said otherwise.

Now, Naughty Dog has finally revealed why they didn’t make it to the event in a recent Twitter post, showcasing the future of the highly-anticipated Last of Us multiplayer game. In the announcement, the company discloses that they needed more time to develop the title as they carry on their work with the upcoming project.

Although Naughty Dog didn’t appear at the showcase, this recent post has caused some excitement within the community due to a mention of a “brand new single-player experience.” Fans are already developing theories for this mysterious title that will seemingly step away from the Last of Us series, at least for now.

Some fans have expressed their wishes for the next installment from the company, including a sci-fi or fantasy IP.

Other players have noted their concerns after waiting so long for a release but continue to show their support, nonetheless. So, for now, we can anticipate the launch of the Last of Us multiplayer game and the exciting new single-player title that could take the company in a different direction.

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