Neural Cloud tier list – all the girls ranked

Neural Cloud tier list - all the girls ranked
Updated on March 15, 2023 – added Nascita and Puzzle

There are various unique characters in Neural Cloud. Developers regularly add new heroes to this video game, so players everywhere have decided to divide them between tiers. Using a Neural Cloud tier list allows you to choose the best Neural Cloud character for the right role.

Of course, remember that the game balance changes from time to time. Therefore, make sure to check this article every so often since we’ll update it every month.


The foremost thing you should know is that there are 5 types of characters in Neural Cloud: Medics, Fighters, Snipers, Guardians, and Specialists. Every kind of character is unique and requires a different approach to use it effectively. So, there are four separate tier lists for every class in this video game.

Every tier includes five ranks: S, A, B, C, and SP. Continue reading the guide to learn more about every Tier in Neural Cloud.

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In Tier S, we have the most popular and influential girls in Neural Cloud. They are universal and can be used for different purposes. Moreover, girls from Tier S are incredibly straightforward. Therefore, even beginners can use them effectively.


In Tier A, we have pretty powerful characters that can be used effectively even in the end game. The only difference is that they are slightly more situational than Tier S girls. But the advantage is that it is easier to obtain Tier A girls than Tier S ones.

Tier B

Girls from Tier B are still powerful but only in the game’s early stages. You can even level up them to make them potent. But while doing so, remember that you should replace them with some higher-tier girls as soon as possible.

Tier C

Girls in Tier C are only recommended to use if you are a beginner. The only way to make them playable is to make significant investments in improving their power.

Tier SP

This is probably the most exciting Tier in Neural Cloud. In this tier, girls are powerful only in certain situations. Therefore, having them in your collection is a good idea, even though you will only use them occasionally.
Original article by Alina Novichenko, updated by Artur Novichenko

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