New Wo Long x Naraka: Bladepoint Collab Revealed For This Week

New Wo Long x Naraka: Bladepoint Collab Revealed For This Week

A new Wo Long x Naraka: Bladepoint crossover has been announced for later this week. Two new armor sets will make their debut in Team Ninja’s classical China-set Soulslike hack-and-slash RPG, and they’ll both be completely free as part of an update that will also include various bug fixes and improvements.

The collaboration includes two Naraka: Bladepoint-themed armor sets: the Crimson Night armor and the Loyal Drunk gear. They’ll both arrive as part of Wo Long‘s update 1.10, which will be distributed on June 29th, which is this coming Thursday. You can see the two armor sets in action to get you hyped for wearing them right here.

This isn’t Wo Long and Naraka‘s first rodeo together. The two also teamed up back in March, around the time of Wo Long‘s launch, with that crossover yielding a mask for Naraka and two outfits for Wo Long. As far as we can tell, Naraka isn’t getting any new content this time around; the game’s social media channels are silent regarding any Wo Long-themed additions, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Not only is this not Wo Long‘s first collaboration with another game, but it won’t be the last, either. Last week, Team Ninja teased an upcoming crossover with clockwork Soulslike Lies of Palthough it’s not clear what that crossover will consist of just yet.

It’s also not Naraka‘s first foray outside its own borders for teamups, as a crossover with Deny was teased back in December. That crossover has yet to materialize, but Deny itself also crossed over with mobile RPG Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent earlier this year. It’s all connected, man, I’m telling you. This goes all the way to the top.

You can grab Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty right now on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, and it’s also available on Xbox Game Pass. Make sure to take a look at our Wo Long guides if you’re struggling to get started in this awesome Soulslike.

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