No Man’s Sky Interceptor Update Unleashes Corrupted Planets & Terrifying Sentinels


Hello Games has released the creepiest update for No Man’s Sky yet. The Interceptor Update focuses on corrupting the universe around you with strange aberrations, a new ship to add to your roster, strange weapons, and Corrupted Sentinels that sneak up on you.

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The Interceptor Update was released for No Man’s Sky today following the usual slew of teaser posts on Twitter from the developer’s founder, Sean Murray. In addition to alterations to the game’s universe, it adds improvements to VR controls based on feedback from the Fractal Update. This includes quality-of-life changes for PSVR 2 users, who can now immerse themselves more than ever in this ever-changing sci-fi world.

The Interceptor Update is slowly changing No Man’s Sky’s universe

No Man’s Sky’s Interceptor Update brings everything you’d expect except a new Expedition. This update packs in a new bespoke story encounter tailored to your save file. This could start with a downed Sentinel Capital Ship and end with a face-off between you and a fully functional hostile version, complete with Interceptors, that wants to blow you to pieces.

Once you’ve downloaded the Interceptor Update, you’ll start to see a new planet type pop up as you travel between systems. Corrupted planets are filled with purple crystals and corrupted Sentinels. This unknown sickness changes everything on the planet, giving Sentinels stealth capabilities so they can sneak up on you. Harvest the crystals to discover a new resource that can aid you in your journey around the universe. These worlds will also be the subject of new Nexus Missions that see you team up with other players to learn more about what’s creating this corruption.

The best change for some players in this update will be the new Sentinel Ship Technology. This adds a new class of starship to No Man’s Sky themed around the Sentinels. The technology these ships use is very different from what you’re used to. They run on anti-gravity wells and pierce spacetime to warp through systems. We think the animation that plays when you enter their cockpit is the best part, but you’ll need to find that for yourself in-game.

The Interceptor Update marks No Man’s Sky’s twenty-third major content update. The official patch notes are well worth checking out to ensure you understand everything new on offer. The Fractal Update’s Expedition was lackluster, but that feedback has clearly been taken on board because the effort that would have been put into a new one has instead been focused on environmental improvements with the new corrupted elements. Fans will undoubtedly spend dozens of hours uncovering all the secrets within as No Man’s Sky’s universe grows ever-larger.

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