Omniheroes, the upcoming, high-fantasy, casual, strategy RPG is now available for pre-registration

Omniheroes, the upcoming, high-fantasy, casual, strategy RPG is now available for pre-registration

If you enjoy nothing more than sitting back and relaxing to the sight of gorgeous heroes dishing out punishment to a band of evil monsters, then you may want to keep an eye on Omniheroes – the upcoming, heroic, casual, strategy, fantasy RPG that’s set to officially launch next month for iOS and Android.

Before it lands on the app stores, publisher OMNIDREAM (the company behind the hit RPG title Soul Land Reloaded) has just opened pre-registration, with early bird goodies available for those who sign up for the “Valkyrie Bestowal” event, including: 777 free draws, and a chance to win a $100 Amazon Card and iPhone 14 Pro 512GB. You’ll also be among the first to step into the game which tasks you with defending its fantasy world from evil forces threatening to destroy it. This task will require you to take up the mantle of the Omniguardian – chief apostle to the Creator – and unify 5 warring factions (Empire, the Eclipse, the Woodland, the Divine, and the Demons). It’s an immense undertaking, but one that you’ll receive plenty of help with thanks to Omniheroes’ vast array of heroes (including 7 stunning, Valkyrie heroes) which you can summon, level-up, and deploy in 5v5, turn-based battles .

Omniheroes’ seven main Valkyrie characters come with a unique magical talent, an exquisite character model that matches their beautiful design, and a charming personality and backstory that promises to keep you engrossed with their progression throughout the game.

Besides its gorgeous art style and elegant cast of Valkyries, Omniheroes features an innovative, Multiple Synergy System that provides 17 different synergy types and the potential for over 100 possible team combinations, ensuring a wealth of diversity when it comes to your team set up and the battles that ensue.

If you wish to be among the first players to join Omniheroes when it launches, then be sure to check out the game’s official website for more details.

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