One Destiny 2 weapon has completely trivialized a Root of Nightmares raid boss

One Destiny 2 weapon has completely trivialized a Root of Nightmares raid boss

Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion is in full force now. Players experiencing the new content have finally been able to dive into the recently launched Root of Nightmares raid, though with surprisingly mixed feelings about the content’s difficulty, bugs, and included mechanics. The Final God of Pain, Nezarac, is proving to be quite the challenge for most players. As the last boss in the raid, it is expected that he will put up a good fight. What most Guardians don’t anticipate, however, is that glaive weapons can negate almost every ability Nezarac can throw at them.

Glaives in Destiny 2 are able to block The Disciple of the Witness’s attacks. It doesn’t matter whether it is melee or projectiles, a glaive will work for it all. Twitter user CoolGuy uploaded footage of their fight with Nezarec. During the video, the player manages to tank the boss’s leaps, stomps, and purple ranged attacks completely unscathed. They also mention that glaive users can place themselves in between the boss and another player to absorb the attacks for the team.

Glaives have been given a bit of a mixed reputation in Destiny 2. Some players love them, but a good chunk of Guardians write them off as impractical. Fans are noticing, however, that it is quite poetic for the weapon of choice of the previously defeated Disciple, Rhulk, being useful against Nezarac. Players have also clarified that glaives work on Tormentor enemies from the Cataclysm first encounter in the Root of Nightmares raid as well.

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It is unknown whether or not glaives being this good against Nezarac is intended, but it sure does make the counter more trivial. Encounters in the raid still do require a lot of teamwork and communication, however, so a glaive alone is not going to make clearing it guaranteed.

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