One Lonely Outpost Crafting and Unlocks Guide

One Lonely Outpost Crafting and Unlocks Guide

In this guide, we’ll tell you how One Lonely Outpost Crafting works and the different ways you can unlock more Crafting recipes.

Your Colony in One Lonely Outpost requires more than hard work. You’re going to need specialized equipment to improve your Farm. Once you dive into the Mine and get some Resources, you’ll be able to Craft a bunch of useful tools — read on to learn more!

How to Unlock New Crafting Recipes in One Lonely Outpost

There are three ways to unlock new Crafting Recipes in One Lonely Outpost:

  1. Completing objectives
  2. Meeting New Colonists
  3. Waiting for certain events

For example, the Blueprint for the C35 Cooker is automatically provided to you in an e-mail from your mom after a few days have passed; instances such as these don’t require much action on your part. However, getting access to the Sprinklers for Farming requires that you get Jim-Bob added to your Colony.

One Lonely Outpost Crafting and Unlocks Guide - Crafting Interface Inside of Your Ship

How One Lonely Outpost Crafting Works

One Lonely Outpost Crafting uses a simple, familiar system in its Early Access launch version. Simply open up the Fabricator (or whatever Crafting device you’re using) and click on the Blueprint for the item you want to make. It will show you the required Resources; if you have them, you can instantly Craft that object.

There’s a Smelting mechanic in the game, too, and that works exactly like you would expect it to — put ore (or other items) into the Smelter and wait for one item to be converted into another.

Important Note: Do Not Smelt All of Your Ore Right Away

It should be noted that some of the early-game recipes require ore rather than ingots and there’s no way to un-smelt something. There is a finite amount of ore available until you unlock the Mine, so make sure to hold onto at least 10 or so pieces of ore until you do. Otherwise, you might find that you’re unable to Craft something you need!

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