One Lonely Outpost Mining Guide

One Lonely Outpost Mining Guide

This guide will cover One Lonely Outpost Mining, including how to unlock the mine and what you can get from delving into each floor.

Mining is needed for lots of different crafting recipes in One Lonely Outpost. You can also make use of ore and rocks as gifts for certain colonist, and refine them into materials needed to craft sprinklers for your farm.

Crafting the Prospecting Suit in One Lonely Outpost.

How to Unlock the Mine

It’s possible to unlock the mine shortly after Duyi joins your colony. He’ll give you a task to make the Prospecting Suit, needed to actually explore the mines. All of the materials needed for this can be crafted in your ship, or refined at an Omniforge. Taking the completed Prospecting Suit to Duyi will unlock the mine for use in Inanna Falls, which is available at all times of the day.

How Mining Works on the Surface

To break rocks and ore on the surface, you simply use your mining tool (X on keyboard) when facing them. This drains a small amount of energy while the tool is in use. Note that the surface rocks and ore do not replenish, so it’s best to even some of the unprocessed materials in case you need them before the mine unlocks.

Mining in the mines, targeting a dangerous rock.

How One Lonely Outpost Mining Works in the Mine

Mining in One Lonely Outpost is very similar to Minesweeper. Each floor of the mine is made up of rocks in a grid, with a tunnel randomly placed on the floor. Some of the starting empty squares will have purple numbers. These represent how many nearby rocks have flammable gas beneath them, which will be released when mined. The goal is to make your way to the next floor without triggering the gas. To start with, it’s safe to mine any rocks that don’t have a number next to them. From there, determine which rocks are safe based on the numbers that are nearby. If a rock is guaranteed to have gas beneath it, it’ll automatically be marked with a fire symbol above it.

If you do trigger the gas, it’s not an instant failure. The gas only detonates if you use the mining tool while standing directly in it. This means that you can escape back to the surface, or mine in areas the gas hasn’t traveled to yet (though it will keep filling the area over time once triggered). If the gas detonates, you’re kicked out of the mine and lose a lot of the materials you’ve gathered.

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