One Lonely Outpost Starter Guide

One Lonely Outpost Starter Guide

This One Lonely Outpost Starter Guide will teach you the basics of the game and walk you through the first few days of the game.

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In One Lonely Outpost, you take on the challenge of starting a Colony on a completely deserted planet. You’ll have to start a Farm, recruit Colonists, and more — read on to learn about the basics of the game!

One Lonely Outpost HUD Explanation

One Lonely Outpost Starter Guide - HUD Explanation Player Character Using the Gust Tool

  1. Day, Date, Time, and Temperature – This is where you can see the day, the season, the date, the year, the current temperature, and the time.
  2. Season Indicator – I’m not 100% certain about this, but I think this is an icon that shows the season.
  3. Energy Bar – This shows how much Energy you have left for the day. Your maximum Energy can be reduced depending on
  4. Money – This shows how much money you currently have.
  5. OmniStars – This shows how many OmniStars you have. OmniStars are required for story progress.
  6. Current Objective – If you’re currently working on objectives, they’ll be shown here.
  7. New Objective or Message – When you get a new objective or message, it will temporarily pop up here.
  8. Water Tank – This shows how much Water you have in your Spray Tool. You can expand these tanks with upgrades purchased from a Colonist later in the game.
  9. Matter Manipulator Tool – This tool can be used to till soil for Farming.
  10. Mining Laser Tool – This tool can be used to Mine rocks, destroy Crops, and pick up placed machines.
  11. Spray Tool – This tool is used to water Crops by spraying water. It drains your water tank when you use it; you can refill the Water Tank by using your Mining Laser on Ice Crystals.
  12. Gust Tool – This tool is used to blow away Dust Piles for archaeology. It can also be used to blow away tilled soil.
  13. Survey Marker – When you discover a new area, you’ll have to head to several survey points; this is what they look like.
  14. Hotbar – This is where you can keep items available for easy access, separate from your Inventory.

One Lonely Outpost Starter Guide - Starter Guide Your Ship Flying Through Space to the Planet

One Lonely Outpost Starter Guide

Your adventure in One Lonely Outpost begins with a cutscene showing your Ship flying through space. A short while later, you’ll land on the planet.

Your First Day

Let’s start things off by Mining some regular Stone — do not Mine the special Resources just yet. After a short time, you’ll get an e-mail giving you your first objective: you’ll have to earn “Geology Omnistars” by Mining unique materials and “Archeology Omnistars” by blowing away Dust Piles.

First, let’s get the Geology Omnistars out of the way. Select the Mining Laser by pressing X and use it on Iron, Copper, and Basalt; you can find all three directly southwest of your Ship.

Getting the Archeology Omnistars is a little more difficult. Look around the area for little piles of dust. Equip the Gust Tool by pressing V and blow away piles until you discover 3 unique objects. When that’s done, you’ll complete the objective.

Surveying Your Land

You’ll get a second objective on your first day — surveying the Farmstead. You have to walk to 3 waypoints (indicated by white circles) in the area. You can find the first to the northwest, the second to the southwest, and the third and final one even further southwest. Collect all of these and you’ll complete your next objective.

Once you’ve completed both of these objectives, you’re free to explore your Farmstead. Note that you’ll have lost some of your Energy. You can only restore it with Food, and unfortunately, you don’t have any yet.

I strongly recommend that you spend the rest of your remaining Energy clearing out as many objects as you can in the field directly south of your Ship with the exception of the Ice Crystals. When your Energy is almost gone, go to sleep in your Ship.

One Lonely Outpost Starter Guide - Using the Mining Laser to Clear Your Land

Day 2 – Starting your Farm

Day 2 begins with a notification that you’ve received some Crops — it’s time to start your Farm! Exit your Ship and head Northeast; you’ll find a new “Delivery” platform. Inside are 8 Bok Choy Seeds, 8 Carrot Seeds, and 8 Potato Seeds.

Head to the Southern Field and select your Matter Manipulator Tool by pressing Z. Use it to till the soil and make a total of 24 spaces however you like. Then, select the Seeds on your Hotbar and plant them. Finally, switch to your Spray Tool by pressing C and water the Seeds. You’ll have to water them every day until they’re grown.

One Lonely Outpost Starter Guide - Planting and Watering Crops on your Farmstead

If you want to remove a planted Seed, you can use the Mining Laser (Z). If you want to remove an unseeded plot of tilled land, you can use the Gust Tool (V). You can refill your Water Tank by using your Mining Laser (Z) on an Ice Crystal.

After you’ve planted all of the Seeds, you can use your remaining Energy to Mine any useful Resources in the area. Once again, go to bed when your Energy gets low.

Day 3 – The Earthquake and Beyond

You and Qwerty will find yourselves in the middle of an earthquake on Day 3. While this is a little scary, it does a lot of good for your ability to explore the world — this geological event will open up new sections of the Map.

First and foremost, make sure to tend to your Crops every day. You can then take your time exploring the new areas of the Map and collecting the unique Resources available in each region.

An important note: make sure not to immediately smelt all of the ore you acquire; keep 5 to 10 pieces of each ore in its natural form. The amount of ore available on the overworld is finite and ore is needed for some early-game Crafting recipes. You’ll be able to get infinite Ore when you unlock the Mine later in the story.

Your First Colonist

Continue to progress with your objectives, explore new areas, and tend to your Farm. After a few weeks, you’ll get a quest to have your first new Colonist move in: Aaron. Aaron will fix up your Ship and sell you useful items.

One Lonely Outpost Starter Guide - Aaron the Colonist Arrives on the Planet

Aaron is the first of many Colonists that you can unlock. He’ll help you advance the story along with providing some useful Resources.

From here, continue to grow Crops and progress through your objectives.

The Alien Ruins

Aside from getting your first Colonist, you’ll also discover Alien Ruins in Nereid Canyon. You can’t do much with them right away. After some time, you’ll be able to explore them and start a new objective to repair a damaged Qwerty; this requires Aaron to have landed on your Colony.

Aaron will fix Qwerty and you can return to the Alien Ruins. This will start up a terraforming machine, melting some of the ice and allowing your Colonists to breathe the air without the aid of a survival suit.

This is the first of many instances of the terraforming machine activating. Continue to progress through objectives and tend to your Farm; you’ll interact with the Alien Ruins again in the future.

One Lonely Outpost Starter Guide - Purchasing Things from Jim-Bob's Shop
New Colonists will arrive as you progress, and some of them will sell you useful items.

Collecting Colonists and Growing Your Farm

As you continue to play, you’ll unlock more Colonists, more items to Craft, and more areas of the Map. There’s a great mystery to uncover in One Lonely Outpostand you’ve just gotten started!

One key thing to remember is that you will have to feed your Colonists. Don’t sell all of your Crops — you’ll want to provide specific Crops and Cooked Food to your Colonists to gain some bonus money.

By now, you’ll have the basics of One Lonely Outpost down. There’s plenty more to learn about this game — check out our other guides below!

One Lonely Outpost Starter Guide - FAQ Elisha Standing Outside of the Alien Ruins

One Lonely Outpost FAQs

What is One Lonely Outpost?

One Lonely Outpost is a Farming RPG developed by Freedom Games after Aurorian Studios transferred control of the project to them. You will create a Farm and help a Colony grow on an alien world.

Is One Lonely Outpost Multiplayer?

No, One Lonely Outpost is not multiplayer as of its Early Access launch version.

Where is the One Lonely Outpost Save File?

Tea One Lonely Outpost save file is located in:

C:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataLocalLowFreedom GamesOne Lonely Outpostsave_slots

Where “USERNAME is your Windows username.

What Happens When You Run Out of Energy in One Lonely Outpost?

If you run out of Energy in One Lonely Outpost, the day will immediately end. You’ll wake up the next day with a penalty to your maximum Energy meter, although you will still wake up at 8:00 AM.

When is the End of a Day in One Lonely Outpost?

There is no real set time for the end of a day in One Lonely Outpost. Instead, your maximum Energy meter begins to shrink at 22:00. (It appears that you can also gradually lose Energy if it’s too low.) Eventually, your Energy meter will drain and you’ll pass out.

Can You Pet Qwerty in One Lonely Outpost?

No, you can’t pet Qwerty in One Lonely Outpost.

Can I Customize My Character in One Lonely Outpost?

No, you cannot yet customize your character in One Lonely Outpost as of the Early Access launch version.

That’s the end of our One Lonely Outpost Starter Guide. Make sure to check out our other guides below!


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