Outerplane guide – Tips to improve your gameplay

Outerplane guide - Tips to improve your gameplay

If you love turn-based RPGs, you might want to give Outerplane a go – one of the most widely-discussed upcoming RPGs that is already making headlines even before the official release. The game looks casual but is way more complex than you might think.

In this guide, you will discover tips to improve your gameplay in Outerplane.

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A properly created team is the key to success in any turn-based RPG. Even the Tier S characters cannot fight solo – they always need to be supported by allies.

How to create a proper team is a topic that needs its own unique guide, but we tried to list down five basic tips to create a potent team below:

  • Choose heroes according to your needs.
  • Take into account the weak points of your enemies.
  • Combine heroes of different classes.
  • Experiment with your team, and try to create different combinations with varying uses.
  • Don’t mind getting advice from more experienced players.


If you’ve only just started playing Outerplane, the best thing you can do is to complete the storyline. It’s pretty straightforward, but it can give you plenty of in-game expertise through practice. Moreover, finishing the storyline is the perfect way to acquire the resources necessary for updating heroes and unlocking new ones.

The only disadvantage is that completing the storyline may be a little bit boring. You will do the same missions repeatedly, which might be unsuitable for players looking for some variety in the game.


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If the storyline doesn’t follow you, you can try your hand at the other Outerplane events. Every event is unique and allows you to acquire several rewards by achieving specific goals. The rule of thumb here is that the more time you spend on the event, the better your rewards will be.

While most events are available from the beginning of the game, some events are unlocked only as you progress further. So, if you are looking for valuable rewards from special events, you need to be an active player.


As the battles become more challenging, you’ll need to upgrade your heroes to keep up with the difficulty. You can improve your character’s level and give them the proper equipment to increase their battle effectiveness significantly. The primary strategy is to improve characters wisely. Don’t spend too many resources on a single hero unless you’ll be using a Tier S character up to the game’s late stages.

Also, try to be extremely careful during the game’s earlier stages. Avoid significant investments in a single hero. Instead, try to recruit new heroes and put them into your team, even if they don’t perfectly fit the synergy.


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Like most turn-based RPGs, Outerplane has an Energy system, which always appears to be a limitation if you want to play the game a lot. Every time you want to get into a fight, you need to spend a small amount of Energy.

Even though this doesn’t always pose a problem initially, you need to be ready to save your energy once you get more experience. Try to spend it only on the most beneficial battles and events. Prepare for battles well to win them on the first try, avoiding spending extra energy.


Outerplane has five unique elements: Dark, Light, Water, Earth, and Fire. Each can provide a significant advantage to your damage, increasing the attack stats by 20%. Check the pattern below to learn how Elements in Outerplane work.

  • Dark Light > Water > Earth > Fire


Even though Cooldowns are one of the most complex things in Outerplane, you need to learn them since they have a significant impact on your battle effectiveness. Every time you use a specific skill, you must wait for a few turns before using it again. That’s how combat in Outerplane works.

The most common cooldown rates are 1 and 2. Still, it depends on the character and their battle role. While creating a team, ensure that characters have different cooldowns, and you will always have a powerful attack on your turn.

That’s it with the tips to improve your gameplay in Outerplane. And if you’re looking for more content, then be sure to check out our list of the best upcoming mobile games in 2023.

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