Outerplane release date and the rest you need to know

Outerplane release date and the rest you need to know

Even though Genshin Impact is an absolute leader in the mobile RPG industry, many games can compete with this bestseller. Not only old games but also new projects like Outerplane might just overcome Genshin Impact in the upcoming years.

While it might sound unreal at the moment, the hard work of the developers and good marketing can overcome even a giant like Genshin Impact. In this guide, you will learn everything about Outerplane’s release date and the rest you need to know. It includes not only the latest news but also a throwback to the history of this RPG.


Outerplane characters

Rumors about the Outerplane global release peaked in January 2023, when the developers officially started the Closed Beta Test. Even though the Beta Test was only for a small number of players, many people got the opportunity to enjoy such a highly anticipated video game and shared information about it on the internet. Still, the release date for the game was unknown at the time.

Now, we know that Outerplane is scheduled to get the official global release at the end of May 2023. The developers officially announced the release date less than a week ago. So, the game’s release is unlikely to be delayed.

Still, you must understand that the developers might quickly reschedule the game’s release and push it back by the end of 2023. We will track the news and give you the latest information about Outerplane’s release as soon as possible.



Outerplane is a turn-based RPG with an exciting combat system as the main feature of this game. While most gamers compare this game to Genshin Impact primarily because of the AAA graphics, these games are entirely different. Watching a short teaser of Outerplane should be enough to help you understand it.

Outerplane tells the story of a protagonist who suddenly appears in a fantasy world. Instead of returning to Earth, the main hero chooses to set off on an adventure with his friends, also known as companions. Even though the details of the game’s storyline are unknown, Outerplane will no doubt feature an exciting storyline.


Outerplane fight

As Outerplane is a turn-based RPG, the central feature of this video game is its battle system. The main goal in the game is to create a powerful team and dive into the battles against different enemies. The further you go, the more potent your team must be, which means that you must constantly improve your matchup.

Each character has a set of three skills to fight against enemies, which are also known as basic attacks. While some characters might look similar, you can be sure that each hero will bring a unique in-game experience.

Outerplane will also feature a Fight Points system. Before every fight, the game will calculate your battle potential and then the battle potential of your opponent. You will always know the chances of winning even before the battle.

One of the highlights of Outerplane’s battle system is its animations. Smilegate did a fantastic job of making their game look like modern AAA titles. The game’s characters and attacks are highly detailed, adding to the title’s appeal.


Another important feature that was revealed about Outerplane is its Energy system. The maximum energy cap is 60, which allows you to perform a few battles. After that, you must wait until your energy gets restored.



If you want to see Outerplane’s gameplay, you can check out the YouTube video above from the Closed Beta Test. It is only 20 minutes long, but it shows you everything you should know about the game.

Still, as the video was released more than seven months ago, the game’s final version might have changed significantly. The footage above is only a prototype that was available during the public beta.


As the game is yet to be officially released, more and more information about it appears on the internet regularly. For example, the developers revealed two characters this week: Show and Lisha.

If you want to know all the latest information about Outerplane, you can follow the official developers’ YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter pages. But if you don’t have time to stay tuned to multiple sources of information, the best option is to follow our website!

Here, we will tell you the latest information about the game’s release and features. Moreover, you can find guides on various other titles that might tickle your fancy.

That’s all of the info we have about Outerplane at the moment. The game is planned to get a global release by the end of May 2023. And if you’re eager to read about other upcoming mobile games, we’ve got you covered too!

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