Overwatch 2 Devs are Preparing Something for Pride Month 2023


Something’s in the works.

Overwatch 2 has made some exciting reveals ahead of the upcoming Season 4 content update, including the reveal of a brand new Support Hero hailing from Thailand. This character in question is Niran Pruksamanee, a Thai scientist, artist, and activist who operates under the alias of Lifeweaver.

While Lifeweaver has some unique points in terms of ability kit and utility that set him aside within a special place of the Hero Roster, he’s also been introduced to the game as the first openly pansexual character within the Overwatch universe. This has been confirmed in an interview between the Overwatch 2 devs and news outlet Kotaku, where it was commented that they’ve been looking for more ways to implement and express representation regarding the Overwatch game, world, and lore.

When creating Lifeweaver, the team knew that they wanted to establish an openly-pansexual hero, with this identity being at the core of his character, referenced during in-game voice lines and conversations with other heroes. Lifeweaver will be bringing some serious rizz to the field, and it’s been teased that one or two characters may actually play along and bite at his flirting and infectious charm.

When popular Overwatch 2 news outlet and leaks vendor OWCavalry took to Twitter to share this information, the post received mixed comments. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, so not everyone was entirely on board with this announcement. However, there are a couple of stand-out points made in these comments, which can be found in the post below:

One user commented, “Why do we need to know the sexualities of the heroes?” which is a point that may not seem important to all players, as Overwatch is simply a video game set in a world of fiction. In response, another user replied that being open about characters’ sexualities and personal details helps make them feel more like real people, relatable to players, and better interwoven into the lore and storytelling of the game.

In Lifeweaver’s case, this is a brilliant point to make. He appeals to such a broad audience because he’s inclusive, diverse, and unique, which are all important aspects for a game character to carry. However, with the reveal of Lifeweaver and his sexuality, the community has been curious to know if this is a direction the Overwatch team plans to explore further and incorporate into their game.

As revealed in Kotaku’s interview, this does seem like the case moving forward, as the devs have even teased that they’re working on something behind the scenes for Pride Month 2023. While Blizzard has stated that they will only be exclusively mentioning or revealing any details regarding this in mid-late May, this new outlook on the game and sense of inclusivity in the community is a positive change moving forward.

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