Payday 3 Lands in September With Human Shields and High Stakes Heists

Payday 3 Lands in September With Human Shields and High Stakes Heists
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The Payday franchise has lasted over a decade thanks to developer support focused on its second game. That title alone has managed over 200 updates to keep players on countless intense heists. Now, those wishing for a further evolution of the classic crime-focused shooter will finally get their wish. Payday 3 is coming on September 21, offering brand new features and content for long-time fans.

The new title keeps its gameplay of robbing banks and taking out hordes of cops. Bulldozers and Cloakers make their return alongside other familiar foes, but players aren’t left so helpless to deal with them. The heisters are now able to use human shields to prevent damage from cops, and they can also use smartphones to remotely disable obstacles like cameras.

Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf, and Chains all return from the prior two games, boasting their iconic masks just like before. The setting this time is New York City, rather than Washington DC as in Payday 2. There is currently no word on whether certain heists will change these locales, or if other heisters added in Payday 2 will make a return in this new game. If this game is updated as constantly as its predecessor, though, players can expect even more content after its release.

Payday 3 can be pre-purchased on Steam or the Epic Games Store before its release on September 21. The base game is priced at around $40 USD, while a Silver and Gold edition are also available at $70 and $90, respectively. These editions will grant early access alongside a Season Pass which will include new heists and weapon packs. As of right now, no further routes of monetization — such as microtransactions or in-game currency — have been announced.

The evolution from Payday 2 to Payday 3 is obvious from the game’s trailer, and there are still more pieces of content to be shared. Players should keep an eye on its store pages for further information and future updates.

– This article was updated on June 11th, 2023

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