Persona 5: The Phantom X Announced… for Mobile Platforms in China

Persona 5: The Phantom X Announced... for Mobile Platforms in China

Today Atlus and Sega announced that a brand new Personas 5 game is coming, but you better read on before you join.

The game is titled Persona 5: The Phantom X and it’s coming for iOS and Android…. in China, developed and operated by Perfect World.

It’s a free-to-play game with the usual optional purchase, and whether it’ll release outside of China, including in Japan, is yet undecided.

This comes from an official IP licensing agreement between Sega and Perfect World and the game has been created under the supervision and with the cooperation of Atlus, featuring an original story focusing on a new Phantom Thief and set in the world of Personas 5also sharing its basic concepts.

A beta test is also coming (of course in China) on March 29 and registrations are open. An official site is also available, introducing the characters, a trailer with gameplay, and one focusing on the story.

As mentioned, the game follows the basic concepts of Persona 5 including the split between “School Life” and “Metaverse Life.” During the former you can go to school, meet your friends within the city and enjoy a variety of activities like baseball, fishing, dating, working part-time at the convenience store, and more. Of course, you can deepen your relationship with other characters and level up your social links.

In the “Metaverse Life” portion you can explore places in search of treasures, visit the Velvet room and meet Igor with his new assistant Merope, awaken personals and even explore Mementos.

The hero is a completely new character and his initial Persona is Jánošík (a reference to Juraj Jánošík, basically a character similar to Robin Hood in Slovak literature). Instead of Morgana, we have a talking owl-like character code-named “Cattle” whose Persona is Rob Roy (a reference to the Scottish Outlaw and folk hero). Another new character is the hero’s classmate Arai, who can turn into the phantom thief “Closer” and controls the Persona Awilda (A Scandinavian female pirate).

Below you can check out the art by Shigenori Soejima himself and screenshots.


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