Pikmin 4 all areas and objectives list

Pikmin 4 all areas and objectives list

In Pikmin 4you’ll have to travel around multiple areas to unlock new treasure, complete the story, and discover new types of Pikmin.

Pikmin 4 has six internships and each one will only unlock once you grab enough treasure and complete story objectives. Treasure you get will get turned into Sparklium, which helps power your ship to find new areas. There is a ton of treasure in the game, so you shouldn’t have any problems nabbing enough to unlock stages. If you’re in a rut, remember to use Oatchi’s sleuthing abilities to sniff out more treasure.

Below, we list out all Pikmin 4 stages along with how many collectables (rescues, treasures, and Onions) are in each one. Note that when we list Onions, that also includes Flarlic bulbs (the Onions that expand how many Pikmin you can have out but do not unlock new Pikmin).

Sun Speckled Terrace

This is the starting area, which is a garden outside of the home. Here, you’ll learn how to play the basics of the game using a few different Pikmin types.

  • 7 rescues
  • 34 treasures
  • 4 Onions

Blossoming Arcadia

This is a flowery area closer to the imposing house you see in the distance. You’ll need to utilize Rock Pikmin and Blue Pikmin to fully explore the area.

  • 9 rescues
  • 60 treasures
  • 3 Onions

Serene Shores

This sandy area features a mix of high and low tides: The water in the area will lower about halfway through the day. Use a mix of Blue, Ice, and Pink Pikmin to traverse the waters easily.

  • 10 rescues
  • 86 treasures
  • 3 Onions

Hero’s Hideaway

The inside of the house is daunting, but it’s only the first floor of a home. You’ll need to master using several Pikmin types, including Ice and Rock Pikmin to fully explore this area.

  • 6 rescues
  • 86 treasures
  • 3 Onions

Giant’s Hearth

This is the backyard (kind of) of the house, complete with a brick grilling area. You’ll need to use fiery pinecones and Red Pikmin to unlock all the different areas.

  • 8 rescues
  • 55 treasures
  • 3 Onions

Primordial Thicket

The final area is back in a dense forested zone, crawling with strange creatures and poisonous mushrooms. You’ll need to use White Pikmin to help clear away the poison.

  • 8 rescues
  • 89 treasures
  • 3 Onions

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