Play Together has launched Fashion Week on Kaia Island with numerous in-game events

Play Together has launched Fashion Week on Kaia Island with numerous in-game events

Haegin has just announced a thrilling new event for its casual mobile social network game, Play Together. It’s about to be a time of glitz and glamor as Fashion Week Comes to Kaia Island. A number of changes are being made in this update as The Fashion Mall is being prepped for the event with red carpets and backdrops alongside the new Fashion Star Runway event.

There are a number of other minigames coming to Play Together in this update. Fashion Star Runaway is one of them, where up to eight players engage in an all-out battle with only the best fashionista coming out on top. The Fashion Prince in the mall is the one responsible for this game.

How is game mode works, is by first giving players a theme around which outfits must be chosen from the Fashion Mall itself. After picking all the right clothes, players can showcase their threads on the special runway stage. Scores are based on ratings given by others with the winners receiving a small award.

But what everyone is looking forward to is the Kaia Fashion Week. It sees the entry of celebrity designer, Miranda and her assistant Andrea, alongside a tsunami of reporters who’ve followed them all the way to Kaia Island. The pair is offering a number of missions during the Fashion Week Special Feature, which offers Fashion Coins as rewards.

These Fashion Coins can be exchanged for valuable rewards at the Fashion Week Shop. Besides Miranda’s missions, other ways to earn them are through the Runway event or by finding Fashionista Boxes at the mall. On top of that, players gathering enough The Soul of Fashion Stars will be able to craft limited-time items at the workshop.

Finally, the Fashionista Attendance Event provides everyone with a bunch of login rewards like the Majestic Cap and the Majestic Buckle Backpack. A few emotes will be available too.

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