Play Together is taking residents to the gorgeous Resort in latest update

Play Together is taking residents to the gorgeous Resort in latest update

Residents on Kaia Island are preparing for the heat as Haegin releases a new summer update for the casual mobile social network game. But this time instead of a change on the island, the developers are taking players away for a vacation to a newly created Resort.

Play Together’s Resort is another island itself, located in the center of a massive sea. It’s a beautiful location with exotic buildings and a white sand beach to sunbathe on. The Resort is an ideal destination for anyone looking to get away from their busy lives for a much-needed break.

The Resort can be visited by speaking to the NPC Maverick at the Plaza Dock. There, players will have access to the Sleek Standard Room, a fancy Suite, a Swimming Pool that offers a great place to take a dip as well as go fishing, and a lush Walkway for nature lovers who want to catch insects.

For the avid fishermen though, there’s also the option of fishing in the middle of the sea while driving a boat. A Fishing Tackle Shop and Boat Shop have been built specifically for this reason. They too are in the Resort itself, from where players can leave for a better fishing experience.

Players looking to add to their collections will find numerous new aquatic animals like the Southern Right Whale Dolphins, Megamouth Sharks, and Coral. The game also goes back in time with the addition of the Onchopristis and Dunkleosteus.

Furthermore, players will also find adorable turtles who can be added as pets. Their eggs much be purchased from the Resort and hatched carefully. Lucky players may find the super rare Golden Turtle as well.

The Resort is an excellent place to be at right now. Don’t forget to participate in all the events being there if you’re looking for hosted rewards such as a bathing suit and a diving mask.

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