Players are randomly encountering the Butcher in Diablo 4 beta dungeons and getting wrecked

Players are randomly encountering the Butcher in Diablo 4 beta dungeons and getting wrecked

Fans getting their first taste of the Diablo IV beta this weekend are also discovering that they can be on the receiving end of the hack-and-slash mayhem if they aren’t cautious when delving into dungeons. While exploring the deep places of Sanctuary, some players are randomly stumbling upon a fan-favorite minion of hell called The Butcher. This villain is a staple in the series, and encountering him in the beta is sure to get your blood pumping.

Unlucky players have taken to Reddit to discuss their unfortunate run-ins with the hook-wielding behemoth. Apparently, the Butcher has a super low chance to spawn in the dungeons around the Fractured Peaks. You will know he is there by the pounding of feet, and he will even shout, “Fresh meat!” when he sees you.

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Most players are not ready to tackle this encounter when it happens, which can lead to some brutal defeats. The Butcher is relentless and brutal, but will despawn after he kills you, meaning this is only a temporary roadblock.

Higher level players have discovered that it is entirely possible to kill the Butcher, though it takes some major firepower. You only have a limited amount of time to defeat him before he will kill you or despawn, meaning you must pump a lot of damage into his health bar to come out successful. Should you manage to destroy him, however, you have a chance at some legendary loot drops.

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Diablo 4’s early access beta continues throughout the weekend, and the open beta will start next weekend. Players who preordered the title (or picked up a chicken sandwich at KFC) can dive in to experience the game early. However, the game is proving to be extremely popular and causing a ton of errors, queue times, and server instability.

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