Pokemon Go Announces Big Style Shop Update & Closet Feature

Pokemon Go Clothing Update

Pokemon Go has a new update underway, bringing exciting outfit features that allow players to further customize their avatar. The clothing choices are pretty simple in the game overall, but the overhaul will likely inspire trainers to step up their sense of fashion – and with fabulous new storage options.

When Will The Pokemon Go Style Shop Update Release?

Pokemon Go Clothing Update
Picture via Pokemon Go

According to the announcement shared by Pokemon Go’s developer, players can expect the new style update sometime in the near future. It is possible the content will release alongside new features for Go Fest 2023, or as part of an event patch for the new summer season.

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Pokemon Go Announces Character Closets

Have an outfit in Pokemon Go that is perfect? In the Style Shop update, players will be pleased to see their outfits can be saved using a new feature called the Style Closet. Once an outfit combination has been created, a trainer can save it to the closet making it easy accessible to change back into later.

All New Features Coming To Pokemon Go

Picture via Pokemon Go

Additionally, the Style Shop upgrade also comes with a quality-of-life overhaul. The navigation bar, which was once awkwardly placed at the bottom of the screen will now be horizontal off to the left, making items easier to view. The different clothing in the game will remain categorized, including masks, socks, pants, and everything else to have its own space with a matching icon.

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Special Items On Sale In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Clothing Update
Picture via Pokemon Go

Keeping the excitement of fashion and clothes going, Pokemon Go is running a limited time sale on some adorable apparel. The items included in this discount sale are The Team Leader Happi Coats, a cute Pikachu Onesie, and all three Kanto first-partner hoodies. These lovable pieces will be sold at a discounted piece until Thursday, June 1, 2023 at 10:00 am PDT until Monday, June 5, 2023 at 10 pm PDT.

This update is centering around letting players express themselves and be who they are through their style. For now, the release date remains unknown, but hopefully fans won’t have to wait long.

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