Pokemon Go Debuts Mega Tyranitar in July 2023 Update

Pokemon Go Debuts Mega Tyranitar in July 2023 Update

The end of June 2023 has nearly arrived, and the Pokemon Go development team has shared the upcoming July 2023 content roadmap. There are two big announcements for the month: Mega Tyranitar is making its way to Mega raids, and Regieleki and Regidrago will appear in five-star raids.

Mega Tyranitar has been a lot of players raid in Pokemon Go, awaiting their chance to Mega Evolve this powerful Pokemon. However, it does look like we’ll be waiting until the end of the month until it arrives.

Regieleki & Regidrago Come to Pokemon Go Five-Star Raids

The formal announcement was made on the Pokemon Go Twitter page, where the developers showcased a graphic of what players can expect to check out in July 2023. Mega Tyranitar will debut in Mega Raids from July 25, 2023, to August 4, 2023. It’s unfortunate this fan-favorite Pokemon has to wait until the end of the month to appear, but there’s a lot more going on throughout July.

All of the major events for July 2023 in Pokemon Go have been listed, although we don’t know the exact specifics, namely Pokemon Go’s upcoming 7th Anniversary.

We have a Go Battle Weekend happening from July 1 to July 2the 7th Anniversary Party from July 6 to July 12A Community Day Classic event starring Squirtle on July 9the Catching Some Z’s event from July 15 to July 16the Riolu Hatch Day on July 22Adventure Week from July 27 to August 2and the standard Community Day on July 30 in Pokemon Go.

There will be a handful of notable legendary Pokemon appearing in five-star raids throughout the month, and surprisingly, we have Regieleki and Regidrago making their five-star debuts. Originally, these two exclusively appeared in Elite Raids, but those raids have received a lot of negative feedback from players, especially those who have had to deal with technical issues. It’s nice to see Niantic pull those Pokemon out of these exclusive events, and make them more available to all players in Pokemon Go.

Although we’re a month away from Pokemon Go’s month-long Pokemon Go Fest celebration, there’s plenty to do in the mobile game leading up to this point. We’re looking forward to seeing how the small events pan out and to checking out Mega Tyranitar when it debuts on July 25.

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