Pokemon Go: How to Get More PokéBalls

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PokéBalls are the primary tool you will use daily while playing Pokémon Go. It’s how you capture Pokémon while exploring your local neighborhoods, which is the primary way to level up and gain Stardust, the game’s primary currency.

You do not have an indefinite number of PokéBalls. You want to make sure you always have a way to acquire a few of them before embarking on a big adventure and walking around. Here’s what you need to know about how to get more PokéBalls in Pokémon Go.

Spin PokéStops or Gyms in Pokémon Go

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The best way to regularly acquire PokéBalls is to spin any PokéStop or Gym you find while exploring the game. These are typically stationed on local landmarks in your area and have a five-minute refresh time. Each time you spin a stop, you’ll receive various items, such as PokéBalls, healing items, or berries.

Field Research Tasks

After spinning a PokéStop or a Gym, there’s a chance for you to acquire a Field Research task. These tasks have a requirement that you need to fulfill, and there’s a chance these rewards can be PokéBalls. This won’t always be the case, though. Sometimes you’ll receive Pokémon encounters, allowing you to catch hard-to-find Pokémon in your local area.

You can only carry up to three of these Field Research tasks, so if they offer a reward you don’t want, remove them from your Today menu and try grabbing another one.

Free Daily Box

Every day, there should be a free box to redeem, and you can earn a handful of rewards. One of those rewards is typically a few PokéBalls, sometimes with a few potions and additional items. However, the primary resource you’ll receive from these boxes is a few PokéBalls.

There are not multiple PokéBalls inside this box, but every little bit will help you while you’re out playing Pokémon Go. Plus, these are free items.

Weekly Progress Rewards

At the end of every week on Monday, every player has a distinct notification displaying how much they walked during that week. You’ll receive several rewards based on your progress, and the further you walk, the more rewards you’re going to receive.

These are all the rewards from the Weekly Progress Report.

  • 25 Kilometer rewards
    • 20 Pokeballs
    • 10 Great Balls
    • 500 Stardust/Rare Candy/ 5 Kilometer Egg
  • 50 Kilometer rewards
    • 20 Pokeballs
    • 10 Great Balls
    • 1500 Stardust/3 Rare Candy/ 5 Kilometer Egg/ 10 Kilometer Egg

Friend Gifts

Other players on your friend’s list in Pokémon have the option to send your gifts that they find by spinning PokéStops and Gyms. You can only receive a set amount of gifts from your friends every day, but they have the chance to contain several helpful items inside of them, such as PokéBalls.

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