Pokemon Go introduces Routes, new user-generated paths that can be shared with trainers worldwide

Pokemon Go introduces Routes, new user-generated paths that can be shared with trainers worldwide

With the pandemic now just feeling like a bad dream, in-person events are back in full swing in Pokémon Go. Be it the highly anticipated Pokémon Go Fest, or just the fact that more Community Days and now Hatch Days as well are being held, Niantic has really been pushing players to venture out. Well, exploration is about to become much more fruitful as the superhit AR game welcomes a new feature called Routes.

Routes in Pokémon Go are exactly what it says on the tin. They are user-generated paths that can be shared with the world, allowing players to go on journeys created by their fellow trainers. It’s a huge step for the game as it marks the first time user-generated content will be used at such a large scale.

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It seems like a great feature as players can explore the world around them while catching Pokémon on the way. Whether the Route is something simple as a track that covers all the gyms in a particular area, or a scenic road with breathtaking views, players are free to customize the routes how they like.

While creating an entire Route to share with other trainers sounds pretty daunting, it’s anything but that. Players can simply pick a PokéStop of their liking to start the journey and walk to another one to complete it. If you’re looking to use this feature on long walks, then it might not work out as there’s an upper limit of one kilometer right now.

So, how’s walking on Routes any different from just walking anywhere? Well, for starters, Niantic will give away Route-specific badges, with progression taking place even in background mode. In addition, players walking on these paths will earn buffs, bonuses, and a ton of rewards alongside encounters with different Pokémon.

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