Pokémon Go Jirachi ‘Wish Granted’ Masterwork Research Tasks and rewards

Pokémon Go Jirachi 'Wish Granted' Masterwork Research Tasks and rewards

In Feb. 2023, a set of Masterwork Research dropped in pokemon go, rewarding a Shiny Jirachi to those who complete it. “Wish Granted” is a lengthy set of Special Research made to keep you busy for a while, just like the Johto Masterwork Research from the previous year.

In order to get these tasks, you’ll need to buy the “Masterwork Research: Wish Granted” pass in the shop for $4.99. You can only purchase the pass up until March 20, but once you buy and start it, there is no time limit for completing it. This makes sense, as the tasks in the set should take the average player weeks, if not months, to complete.

Note that a different version of this research was made available to players who attended the Go Tour: Hoenn event in Las Vegas, but we list the steps to the global version below.

Wish Granted step 1 of 6

  • Catch 385 Pokémon from the Kanto region (385 XP)
  • Catch 385 Pokemon from the Johto region (385 XP)
  • Catch 385 Pokémon from the Hoenn region (385 XP)
  • Get a Gold Hoenn Medal (30 Ultra Balls)

rewards: 10 Kyogre Candy, 10 Groudon Candy, and 10 Rayquaza Candy

You need to register 90 different Pokémon from the Hoenn region to get the Gold Hoenn Medal.

Wish Granted step 2 of 6

  • Have 10 Best Buddies (1 Poffin)
  • Earn a heart with your buddy 20 days in a row (1 Poffin)

rewards: 3850 XP, 3 Rare Candy

Wish Granted step 3 of 6

  • Catch 10 Kecleon (1 Incense)
  • Spin a PokéStop 20 days in a row (1 Incense)

rewards: 3,850 XP, 3 Rare Candy

Wish Granted step 4 of 6

Due to the locked time constraints on the above step, we don’t know what step four has. We’ll update this guide once the information becomes available.

Masterwork Research ‘Wish Granted’ rewards: Is it worth buying?

Whether or not this research is “worth” buying is almost entirely dependent on how much you value Shiny Jirachi. This will likely be the only way to obtain Shiny Jirachi in this game, but the other rewards are obtainable through other means.

In total, Niantic has confirmed the entire Masterwork Research: Wish Granted quest will reward:

  • Shiny Jirachi
  • 9 Rare Candy
  • 20,405XP
  • 12,700 Stardust
  • 2 poffins
  • 2 Incense
  • 30 Ultra Balls
  • 20 Jirachi Candy
  • 10 Groudon Candy
  • 10 Kyogre Candy
  • 10 Rayquaza Candy

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