Pokémon Go May 2023 Content Roadmap Confirms New Events & Mega Pinsir Debut

Pokémon Go May 2023 Content Roadmap Confirms New Events & Mega Pinsir Debut

The end of April 2023 is nearly upon us, and Pokémon Go is gearing up for the final month of Rising Heroes with its latest content roadmap for May 2023. The month will close out Rising Heroes with several new events centered around many of the Pokémon Go team leaders.

Alongside the name drops of the upcoming events, it has been announced that Mega Pinsir will be making its debut this month, and Tapu Fini will receive its shiny form. These will be available throughout the other month, and we can expect to see Mega Pinsir appear in future Mega Raid rotations.

Pokémon Go’s Rising Heroes Season Closes out in May 2023

The first event for May 2023 will be An Instinctive Hero, from May 2, 2023, to May 8, 2023. This event will focus on Team Instinct and will likely have a featured Special Research starring Spark, similar to the Blanche Special Research quest from several weeks ago.

There will be one final Pokémon Go team-based event for the month, kicking off on May 11, 2023, to May 17, 2023, called A Valorous Hero, which will star Candela. Both of these events for Spark and Candela will likely feature a specific Pokémon with a unique appearance item, and they will appear for players who complete the Special Research event.

As for the bigger events throughout the month, there will be a Raid Day, an Elite Raid Weekend, and a Community Event to close out the month. There will also be one final event at the end of May 2023, but this has yet to be revealed and will likely have to do with tying up the Rising Heroes season.

Players can look forward to the debut of Mega Pinsir on May 11, 2023, and it will continue to appear in Mega Raids until May 24, 2023.

Despite this being the end of the Rising Heroes season, fans are not excited about it, or the future of Pokémon Go. It has been a difficult month for Pokémon Go players as they’ve consistently been ignored by the development team at Niantic following the Remote Raid Pass changes that were announced at the end of March and went into effect in April.

Fans have been trying to give Niantic’s attention, but the developers do not seem interested in making a formal response and have even gone so far as to post tweets promoting players going outside, which boiled down to a lot of negative feedback.

Hopefully, Niantic can reassess the future of Pokémon Go moving forward, but given Niantic’s response for the past few weeks, things are not looking positive.

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