Pokemon Go Players Roast Niantic over Rising Shadows Infographic Botch Job

Pokemon Go Players Roast Niantic over Rising Shadows Infographic Botch Job

In an unsurprising turn of events the creators of Pokémon Go have once again found themselves at the receiving end of the fanbase’s wit and humor. While Niantic’s relationship with Pokémon Go players has been on the rocks lately, recent events have taken the roasting to a new level.

Niantic, who has been heavily criticized recently for their lack of attention to detail, has once again produced a new blunder – this time in the form of an event poster. The poster, shared on Instagram to promote the upcoming “Rising Heroes” event, perfectly represents unpolished design.

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Pokémon Go Players Roast Rising Shadows Infographic Catastrophe

Typos, misplaced Pokemon, and other amusing errors adorn the infographic, providing the perfect fodder for fans to unleash their comedic genius. On Reddit, the Pokémon Go community wasted no time seizing this golden opportunity to showcase their wit.

One user hilariously exclaimed, “’Professor Willow is back with a special gif.’ I can’t wait to see what GIF it’s going to be!” Another user found amusement in the poster’s claim that players might encounter a “shiny avatar pose,” pondering, “How exciting! I love the fact that it says ‘if you’re lucky’ too.”

Amidst the playful banter, more critical players pointed out the poor design choices, like the ill-advised use of white text on a pale background in the bottom left corner. One fan humorously speculated, “It looks like someone who tried to use Photoshop or InDesign and couldn’t figure out how to make things like the shiny icon snap to images and were like ‘good enough.’”

While Niantic may not have intended to end up at the mercy of the Pokémon Go community, this latest blunder has certainly given fans something to chuckle about. With the ongoing rift between the company and its dedicated player base, this event poster fiasco only fueled the fire.

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Shortly after the uproar of laughter on social media, Niantic took down the offending Instagram and Twitter posts.

However, that isn’t stopping Pokémon Go players from continuing to roast Niantic over their Rising Shadows infographic botch job. Let’s hope Niantic takes note of these playful jabs and works towards a more polished and error-free future for their beloved game.

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