Pokémon Go Squirtle Community Day Classic guide

Pokémon Go Squirtle Community Day Classic guide

Pokemon Go is having a Squirtle Community Day Classic event on July 9 from 2-5 pm in your local time.

As expected with a Community Day event, Squirtle will spawn in huge numbers with a high chance for it to appear shiny. There are also several other bonuses and perks, which we’ve listed out below.

How do I catch a shiny Squirtle?

As per old research by the now-defunct website The Silph Road (via Wayback Machine), shiny rates on Community Days are about 1 in 25, which means that if you keep playing throughout the three-hour window, you should find quite a few shiny pokemon.

Shiny Squirtle, Wartortle, Blastoise, and Mega Blastoise in Pokémon Go with their regular forms.  There's also a set in sunglasses.

Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Image source: Niantic

If you’re short on time or Poké Balls, you can pop an Incensethen quickly tap each Squirtle to check for shiny ones, running from any that aren’t shiny. Notably, any Squirtle you’ve already tapped will face where your player is standing, so that should help identify which ones you may have already checked.

How do I catch a Squirtle with sunglasses?

Sunglasses-wearing Squirtle will not spawn in the wild. According to the official page for the Squirtle Community Day Classic from Niantic, it will be obtainable from event Field Research.

Said research will just require you to catch Squirtle to complete, so make sure to spin PokéStops to pick up this research, if you wanted a sunglasses-wearing turtle.

What Community Day move does Squirtle’s evolution learn?

If you evolve Wartortle into Blastoise from 2 pm until 7 pm in your local time, it will learn the charged move Hydro Cannon.

If you miss out on evolving it during this period, you can use an Elite TM to get the move.

How does Blastoise do in the meta?

Blastoise is no longer the cream of the crop, but Mega Blastoise is now one of the strongest water-type attackers around. If you plan on investing in Megas at all (which you should, if you’re able to), you should consider grabbing a powerful Blastoise and setting it up with Water Gun and Hydro Cannon.

Blastoise does do pretty well in Ultra League, since it can be both bulky and it’s set up with Hydro Cannon, one of the best moves in the game.

How do I make the most of Squirtle Community Day Classic?

The following bonuses will be active during Squirtle Community Day Classic:

  • 14 hatch distance for eggs placed into Incubators during the event
  • Incense last three hours
  • Lure Modules last three hours
  • Squirtle special photobombs when taking snapshots

That said, you should definitely place all your eggs in Incubators during the event period and pop an Incense and try to nab some powerful Squirtle.

If you can Mega Evolve Blastoise, Slowbro, Gyarados, or Swampertyou’ll score additional Squirtle Candy per catch.

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