Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Players are Farming Ditto Tera Raids With a Nifty Trick

Ditto Terra Raid in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet


6IV Ditto hunting just became a lot easier.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s latest Terra Raid event has gone live, allowing players to encounter and capture Terra Raid Dittos. This Raid event will be available until April 9, 2023, finishing at 23:59 UTC. Ditto has always been a popular choice for trainers in favor of breeding Pokemon for competitive play or hatching shinies with solid IVs and Natures.

6IV Dittos are the most valuable asset to gain competitive-worthy Pokemon through egg-hatching methods, as they can pass these high IVs onto the egg specimens they produce. Thankfully, the current Terra Raids allow everyone to stumble across a 6IV Ditto of their own, and players have even found a way to do so in a very time-efficient format by exploiting a clever trick to make these raids extremely quick to sweep.

The trick to sweeping these Terra Raids is for the host trainer to select a level 1 Pokemon for the Raid battle. Upon initiating the Raid, Ditto will use Transform to become a clone of the host’s Pokemon. This means that by cloning a weak, level 1 Pokemon, Ditto will turn itself into an easy opponent that can be one shot on the first turn.

This makes individual Ditto Raids very quick to occur, allowing hosts and their fellow trainers to grind them in repetition to stack up on rewards and manipulate a better chance of catching a high IV Ditto for themselves. Magikarp, in particular, is an excellent choice for this method, as it will only be capable of using the Splash attack at a low level. Considering Splash does no damage, Ditto will not only be victim to an easy KO but will also be able to inflict damage on your party.

With the manipulation of this tactic, players have an excellent shot at capturing not just high IV Dittos but also a better chance of stumbling across a shiny Ditto by teaming up with other players and joining any hosted shiny Raids, which are often advertised on Pokemon trading forums, Discord servers, or Reddit.

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