Pokemon Sleep Has Fans Gearing Up To Shiny Hunt While They Snooze

Pokemon Sleep Has Fans Gearing Up To Shiny Hunt While They Snooze

Pokemon Sleep excited fans when they shared how players would be able to hunt Shiny Pokemon while catching some Zzzzs. The ability to catch Shiny Pokemon was revealed when an image was leaked online displaying each adorable creature that would be collectible at launch — featuring Shiny variants.

Now that players are aware of Shiny Pokemon being in Pokemon Sleep, they are preparing to do something that many humans do best — sleep. Pokemon Sleep players will be able to catch Shiny Pokemon simply by sleeping and allowing the mobile app to track their cycle throughout the night. This puts a whole new meaning to the term “Shiny Hunter.”

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Players Delight At Finding Shinies in Pokemon Sleep

Professor Rex, which is an epic name, posted a picture adding to the intensifying need to sleep for these Pokemon by laying down on a couch with phones all around them, displaying the app open on their screens. While players probably won’t be allowed to run more than one Pokemon Sleep account, similar to Pokemon Go, it is funny to think about. Like, how many of their friend’s phones did they steal for this picture? Or are these backups from the dusty drawer we all have?

In the comment section, other players shared their excitement, and Shiny finds. One player shared a picture of their Shiny Bulbasaur, which they caught on their first night of using the app. Another comment shared information letting other Trainers know that the Snorlax that players raise weekly can also be Shiny, but this is rare. They shared a picture of the big snuggly Pokemon with sparkles around it.

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With Pokemon Sleep rolling out in Australia, Canada, Latin America, and New Zealand already, it won’t be long before everyone worldwide begins getting better sleep and being rewarded with Shiny Pokemon. Hopefully, our collections will multiply if we get a lot of sleep.

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