Pokemon Sleep Player Fears “Dangerous” Tracking System Will Catch Their Beds On Fire

Pokemon Sleep Player Fears “Dangerous” Tracking System Will Catch Their Beds On Fire

Pokemon Sleep has been rolling out to app stores across the globe, making bedtime just a bit more fun for gamers with cellular devices. Players who have already had their first night with the cuddly Pokemon are already sharing their thoughts on what they thought.

Using the app is pretty simple, allowing players to set a preferred bedtime but not give drastic punishments if that time is not met. No more parents reprimanding you for staying up under the covers with your DS. However, players are concerned about using the game in bed overnight, which is essential for completing any goals in Pokemon Sleep.

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Players Become Concerned About Pokemon Sleeps Safety

A Pokemon fan – CharmsieVTuber – posted their concerns to Twitter. In order for the game to work, the mobile smartphone will have to be left on and placed face down on the mattress to track a user’s sleep. However, Charmsie worries that leaving a phone on and charging in bed with you can be dangerous and cause fires, especially if someone moves a lot and ends up cutting off the air to the device.

A player then commented with a smart solution until maybe The Pokemon Company changed this feature of the game. The Pokemon Go Plus+ device is used to track players’ sleep, and as far as it seems, it doesn’t need to be plugged in throughout the night, at least not from the advertisements shown. Another alternative is using a Smart Watch that is already worn to bed, this will help with anxieties of being dangerous as it also tracks your sleep, and a lot of people wear theirs to bed already.

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The Pokemon Go Plus + device can also be better for people who move a lot as they might not knock it off as easily as a smartphone. A couple of users said they were able to use the app while not having their phones plugged in all night. Hopefully, more information about the different ways players can work around this will be discussed soon.

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