Pokemon Trainers Announce Engagement Years After First Pokemon Go Date

Pokemon Trainers Announce Engagement Years After First Pokemon Go Date

Gamers all across the world have heard adorable stories about people meeting their romantic partners over playing their favorite video game. This happens a lot more than people think nowadays and it is quite a beautiful thing, meeting the person you will spend the rest of your life with over a hobby you are passionate about.

A Pokemon Go player took to Reddit to tell the community how their first date with a girl playing the game definitely worked out great for them as they are now engaged and getting married. This is one of the cutest stories, especially as the user expresses that despite the game having some struggling times, they stuck with it and found ways to keep the game fun. Now the community is giving this couple many ideas about what they should do at their wedding.

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Pokemon Go Community Shares Ideas For Trainers Wedding

Underneath the Reddit post about the Pokemon Go couple, the community has suggested what the couple should do at their wedding as the theme. One user commented, “Congratulations! How about an outdoor pokemon theme wedding on a community day???” Followed by another user saying, “The ultimate shiny catch!”

Other players went on to share their own stories of how they met their spouses over Pokemon Go as well and have been together for years now. It is quite adorable to see so many members of the Pokemon community come together and talk about just how much this franchise has impacted their lives.

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Seeing things like this is quite amazing as it shows just how much a single game and franchise can change someone’s life for the better, and we get to see that in action from this beautiful post on Reddit about this couple.

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