Pokemon Unite is celebrating its second anniversary with a license for the powerful Mega Mewtwo X

Pokemon Unite is celebrating its second anniversary with a license for the powerful Mega Mewtwo X

Last year, TiMi Studio hosted quite an elaborate first-anniversary celebration for Pokémon Unite, a massive event, which spanned over two action-packed phases. Since the first birthday bash was spearheaded by Mew, it’s only fair for the second one to feature Mewtwo (get it?). Well, that’s exactly what’s going to happen as the Legendary Pokémon is now available in the MOBA.

Joining Pokémon Unite’s second-anniversary celebrations is one of the strongest Pokémon out there, Mewtwo. Not only that, but players will be able to Mega Evolve the Legendary Pokémon into Mega Mewtwo X, a super strong character who can attack opponents in rapid succession.

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Players can get their hands on Mega Mewtwo X’s Unite License simply by completing Mewtwo’s Crystal Cave Challenge which is currently ongoing. In addition, Mega Mewtwo Y will also be joining the game later in mid-August. This version will feature attacks that resemble the traditional moveset of the Pokémon.

The party doesn’t stop here either because a new battle pass is also available in Pokémon Unite now. Season 17 will feature the Captain Style: Greedent and trainer fashion items, as well as special Zacian Holowear. This pass will remain live until September 11th, giving players ample time to gather all rewards.

Further, players can also take part in a new game mode called Panic Parade, which is a slightly different take on the 5v5 battle format. All the Pokémon on the map are in a panicky state and players must protect Tinkaton from all their attacks. Gameplay continues even after a Pokémon is defeated as there’s a chance they may be called back for another round.

Panic Parade will be periodically available in batches going all the way up to August 21st. There’s also a new ranked season to look forward to until September 11th.

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