Postknight 2 adds March Prism Pass featuring the Star Seekers cosmetic set in latest update

Postknight 2 adds March Prism Pass featuring the Star Seekers cosmetic set in latest update

Kurechii has just announced that its popular casual adventure RPG, Postknight 2 will receive a brand new cosmetic set, titled Star Seekers. They will be part of the mobile game’s version of the battle pass, which is called the Prism Pass. The Star Seekers, as their name suggests, protect the night skies of the realm, to help guide soldiers who are lost.

Postknight 2’s March Prism Pass is called Starry Skies and will feature loads of exclusive rewards and in-game items to hasten progress. It offers both free and premium tiers that can be unlocked by finishing daily quests and challenges.

This month’s pass draws inspiration from the phenomena of reflection and refraction. The Star Seekers’ costume is based on bug catcher uniforms, which is quite apt as they’re catching stars instead of bugs. The bling that comes with it is a personification of the cosmic feeling of stars.

For a limited time, players can gain access to both the free and premium versions of the Prism Pass by completing all the pre-requisite quests. Everyone will be able to get their hands on the Starlight Canister for free, while the premium pass holders will additionally gain cosmetic items like the Star Glowgles, the Star Seeker Coat, and the Star Scooper Net.

These Fashion items will be found in the Armory Equipment section, with multiple customization choices. Once they are earned, the items will be permanently available under the Fashion division. Other stuff that can be obtained includes Coins, Crystal Gems, Food, and Tickets.

Do note that the Premium Pass will only open up for players who have crossed the Pompon Story 2-21. There are different packs that cater to the different needs of players. Here’s a look at them:

  • Existing player – For those who have already completed the Pompon Story 2-21 and progressed further
  • New player – First-timers who want to progress rapidly using this VIP bundle
  • Quick Demo – A demo account that offers preset progress to Pompon Story 2-21

Get your hands on the Starry Skies Prism Pass now by downloading Postknight 2 for free.

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